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Weight Loss Testimonials

Inspiration Comes In Many Forms, See Below and Be Inspired By Our Weight Loss Testimonials!*

Marie lost 212 pounds

Marie-France had gained weight over the years and watched her self-esteem and

Kristin lost 134.5 pounds

Kristin tried many diets to gain control of her eating but never succeeded – until

J.L. lost 60 pounds

When she started, J.L. was searching for an improved, healthier self and was finished

Klondy lost 80 pounds

Klondy first heard about Smart for Life® while doing volunteer work and decided to give

Gina lost 92 pounds

Gina was desperate to try anything to lose weight. She started on another program and

Steve lost 115 pounds

“I liked the way the diet gave me a structured, manageable routine to follow that worked

Ruth lost 44 pounds

“I’m so happy! I’m loving my new life!”

Monique lost 106 pounds

“Smart for Life is the best thing I have ever done for my family, friends and myself!”

Melissa lost 75 pounds

“After all these years of always being the bigger girl, I feel great about my new body!”

*Individual Results May Vary