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SUSAN– “Deep down, no one believed I would do it!” Susan shocked them all when she lost 65 pounds in 7 months on Smart for Life. Less than 2 months into the program, she was off her blood pressure medication and able to climb stairs without puffing. “Shopping is a joy and I’m no longer ushered into the plus size section!”

STEPHANIE was tired of not being happy with how she looked and felt. Inspired by her mother’s success on Smart for Life, she started the program and is thrilled with the results – down 35 pounds! “I am a happier person with much more confidence.” Stefanie is motivated to lose another twenty pounds to reach her goal. “I realize that it is more important to be happy and healthy than to enjoy a quick pleasure eating greasy fries.”

Smart For Life testimonials

BROOKE– When Brooke saw herself in the photos from her sister’s wedding, she realized it was time to do something about her weight. “I guess I never truly saw myself as heavy as I was,” she says. “I lost another 105 pounds on the program, eating six cookies, drinking water and enjoying a sensible dinner,” says Brooke. “Now I feel comfortable maintaining my new weight, and I know when to turn to Smart for Life for encouragement.


ALLISON– “This is the best diet. The only people that don’t like it are the people that can’t follow any diet. I didn’t want to lose 2 pounds a week. I lost 16 pounds in 28 days just by eating cookies. Did they taste awesome, no, but the weren’t bad and you know what – if someone I knew lost 16 pounds in 28 days, I would have tried it too. For all you fatties, stop procrastinating and making excuses. Just do it. I did and I am so happy that I did it. Now I am off to losing another 15.” -Allison

SHAWN– When Shawn was involved in a major auto accident, his life changed drastically. No longer able to exercise while he recuperated, the weight piled on and he developed Sleep Apnea.

Instead of becoming a common statistic, Shawn took action and became Smart for Life losing 95 pounds in his first 6 months. A year later, he lost a total of 122.5 lb.’s.. Now he has lost a total of 140 lb.’s and no longer has sleep apnea.

“All of my physicians told me to lose weight, but none of them had any real-life answers as to how to accomplish that. I then found Smart for Life® and the weight loss was simple: follow the program to a tee and the weight comes off. Now many of my associates and co-workers are on the program and we all are eating the cookies, cupcakes, soups and other Smart for Life products,” Shawn says.

MARIE-FRANCE had gained the weight over the years and watched her self esteem and health deteriorate. A close friend urged her to try Smart for Life and that was all Marie-France needed to gain her life back. Over 2 1/2 years she lost 212 pounds and watched her health problems from asthma to poor blood circulation and bloating disappear. “family and friends tell me that the person they knew before and the person they see today are 2 different people. I now have more confidence and better health. I know how to control my hunger and cravings. My fashion style has changed and i enjoy life!” Marie-France says.

SFL testimonials 2

ALENE was morbidly obese at 265 lbs. and knew she had to take charge. She lost 126 lbs. and lowered her BMI from 42 to 22! Now she has more energy, stronger core strength, better mobility and balance, a terrific mental attitude and has reduced her medications dramatically.

“I no longer see myself through fat eyes,” Alene explains. “My wonderful, supportive friends gave me a complete makeover and now my family, neighbors, even my doctors don’t recognize me! They can only tell who I am when my husband is beside me!”

Taking advantage of the full support from the Smart for Life team, Alene continues to rave about the weekly calls and supportive staff. “Thank you Dr. Sass and Staff, you are always there to support me. My life will never be the same; no longer do I have cravings. I feel as though I have unzipped my fat suit and found the person I always was inside. Keep baking those cookies because nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. This plan works because it’s so simple, even a cavewoman can do it successfully!”

Smartforlife_Cookie_Diet_sucess_stories_07 (1)Alene
Lost 126 lbs. and lowered her BMI from 42 to 22!
66 lbs. and lowered BMI from 37 to 25.
Lost 105 lbs. in just 14 months.
Lost 45.5 lbs in 5 months.
Lost 119 lbs. in 12 months and improved his health.
Lost 39 lbs. in 3 months!
Lost 70 lbs in 12 months.
70 lbs. of weight loss in 5 months
105 lbs. of weight loss in 14 months
49 lbs. of weight loss in 6 months
75 lbs. of weight loss
106 lbs. of weight loss in 11 months
44 lbs. of weight loss in 12 weeks
115 lbs. of weight loss
Maintaining the weight loss for 6 months!
80 lbs. of weight loss in 9 months
Over 60 lbs. of weight loss
Over 134.5 lbs. of weight loss
Lost 212 lbs. and kept it off for 6 years

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