2015 New Year’s Giveaway !!

It’s that time of year again when it becomes harder and harder to stay focused on your weight loss goals. Here at Smart For Life®, we know how important it is to stay motivated, so this year we are giving away tons of awesome prizes to help keep you fit and fun throughout the holiday season.

iphone6give (1)Our top prize is a brand new iPhone 6, providing access to the App Store, which has tons of fun and useful tools to help keep you on track no matter what time of year it is. Stay on the lookout for the new Smart For Life® mobile app coming later this year. It’s loaded with features to ensure your success on the Smart For Life® program.

Our second prize is a $200 gift card redeemable at our online store, so you can pick and choose your favorites! Be sure to check out our newly released Coffee Latte Protein Bars.

Next up we have a 10 lb weight loss/maintenance kit. This kit includes 5 packs of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, 5 packs of Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2 packs of Blueberry Cookies, 1 Chicken Soup Tub, 1 Tomato Soup Tub, 1 box of Cranberry Granola Squares, 1 box of Gluten-Free Banana Chocolate Chip Granola Squares, 1 box of Chocolate Protein Bars (12 per box), as well as a few samples of our new products!

Our fourth and final prize is 2 weeks worth of  Smart For Life® cookies (your choice of flavors), that’s 84 meal replacements! *This prize also comes with samples of our new products.


There are several ways to enter this giveaway. Some examples are: liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, joining our email newsletter, commenting on this blog, and so many more! Check out all the ways to enter, as well as picture of the prizes @  http://bit.ly/iPhone6_SFL


Leave a comment telling us which prize you would like to win, also share your ideas for which Smart For Life® products we should develop next!

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  • Danny M

    I want the iPhone 6!! And i would love to see a healthy fudge option!

  • Chris Aho

    I would love an iPhone 6!

  • Kimberly B

    Of course I’d love to win any of the prizes but the Iphone 6 would be awesome!

  • Wendy Gage

    anything would be nice to win iphone6 would be a dream 🙂 I would like to see healthy options for chocolate bars or chip snacks

  • Shawna

    I would love to win any of these wonderful prizes. I would love to see a product developed that is GMO free, organic, well balanced and delicious…. i am so sick of seeing “good treats” but with alful ingredients and the sake of being “less calories or less sugar” 🙂

    • Hey Shawna, make sure to check out our product page @ http://products.smartforlife.com/ . Our little cookies match your description perfectly. Let us know what you think. Best of luck in the contest!!

      • Shawna

        Oh thank you!! I just checked them out! If i ate cookies, i would def eat These cookies!!

  • Howard Mock

    I just wish to thank you for the contest and Good Luck to all that entered!

  • Rick Sawyer

    great contest

  • Heather

    Would love to win!

  • Erin

    I entered to win and I would love a healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe!

  • strangedaze

    Thank you for such a lovely contest! The Coffee Latte Protein Bars sound amazing!

  • Mable

    terrific contest! Excited to win, I need this…

  • Usamah Z

    The soup tub options you have should be developed further because vegetarians may want something other than a tomato soup tub option….maybe a vegetarian /bean medley soup. More protein enriched if appropriate? Might be more filling for us vegetarians.

  • donna shook


  • niQ

    thanks for the contests!

  • Snethia Faemyre

    thank you for the chance!

  • Tina

    thants for an awesome giveaway Hope to win….

  • Guest

    Great contest and prizes and love the Smart for Life products. Great for training to help meet maximum potential.

  • coach_daves

    What a great contest and prizes and love the Smart for Life products. Great for training to help meet maximum potential.

  • mecarolks

    I’d like to win the iPhone 6. The Coffee Latte Protein Bars would be awesome.

  • Sydney Fae

    I would like to win the iphone 6. Have you tried doing V8 style fruit leather?

  • Love it–love it—let me win!

  • calmond

    Would love an iPhone 6 but cookies for weight loss is right up my alley too! 😉

  • Ahhh would love this to help stay on track and for everything else it does!

  • nikki robak

    what a great giveaway thanx

  • Antonio C. Catojo

    thanks a lot Smart for Life – awesome prize and I really like your bars

  • Stephanie P

    Of course, I’d love to win the Iphone, but the cookies sound really awesome too. Thanks for the chance! Can’t wait to see what you create next.

  • Nicolthe pickle

    Wow, thanks. The Blueberry cookies sound good and healthy.

  • Louise Smith

    I would love to win the Iphone. My husband does a lot of coaching for youth so products that would appeal them would be great..perhaps Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies.

  • Lisa

    Such an awesome giveaway! Thanks!! fingers crossed

  • Qiana Wallace

    I would love to win. The phone looks so cool and I could never afford it.

  • Amie George

    great giveaway… I am all for coffee protein bars NOM NOM NOM… Also if there was a way to make a healthy tasty cheesecake I would be down for it 🙂

  • Isra Hashmi

    Amazing! Thank you!

  • Grace s.

    Would love the iPhone. Wow so cool.

  • Mugilan Vorsprung

    I would like to get Iphone

  • EllieSunshine

    I could really use a new phone and this one would make me so happy!

  • Mary W.

    What a great giveaway!

  • vilmark

    thank you for a great giveaway

  • Heather NC

    I would love to win! This is an awesome give away and thank you for the chance to win!

  • Randi C

    I would love to win the iPhone 6. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • aclearlook

    thank you

  • Marneh John Lucenara

    Thanks! I’ll take care of this! 😀

  • Steve Shope

    I hope i win cause i like free food and electronics.

  • Tammi Laney

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  • Cynderma

    I really want to win an iPhone 6

  • Christopher Co

    I’d love an iPhone!

  • louise pitawanakwat

    would be so nice to win this iphone6

  • mayra

    Goodluck to all!

  • Audrey H.

    Would love to win an iPhone6, thanks for the chance!

  • rvail317

    Nice cell phone.

  • Would like to win

  • DeAnna Branigan Keller

    Awesome giveaway!!!

  • Terri

    Great giveaway! I would love this…keeping my fingers crossed…

  • miali1

    very nice prize

  • Kristi Brandon McDowell

    Would love this for my husband!

  • Jenny

    I would love to win the iphone 6. As for new product ideas- perhaps tea? I love tea and am always looking for good quality organic ones!

  • Veronica

    I would love win. Good luck everyone

  • Maree Fields

    I hope I win the iphone6 cause it’s time for an upgrade.

  • Elaine

    This is a great giveaway. Thanks very much.

    I’d like to win the iphone 6.

    I’d like to see quick and easy healthy microwave meals.

  • Derek Jennings

    id like to win the iphone6

  • latinamommie5

    great giveaway

  • Molli Knowles

    i love the idea of using technology as support and a way to bridge the gap

  • Edna Williams

    I would love to win the iPhone 6 and anything chocolate would be awesome!

  • Val J

    Talk about a dream come true combo for me!! great healthy foods and snacks paired with the new Iphone 6. I could take awesome selfies of me enjoying my smart for life goodies and use apps on the phone to help me track my health info and weight loss progress and share it all on social media promote the products and share my experiences and sucess. Have been wanting to try your products and this would give me that needed kick start to do so. And yes the phone would be great too!! Would love to see e products that cater to people with peanut and tree nut allergies since I have a household member with this issue.

  • Kyla Janelle

    I would love to win the gluten free snacks because as hard as it is to lose weight, it’s that much harder to be gluten free AND lose weight. My new iPhone 6 would help me with my fitness goals!!

  • I want to win because they have some great prizes! What more?

  • Treen Goodwin

    Great giveaway thanks for the chance .. oatmeal chocolate chip muffins 🙂 yummy 🙂

  • Kelly Maxwell

    Wow! I would love to win the iPhone 6 or Gift Card….Looking forward to the Mobile App. Happy Holidays!!

  • Linda Meranda

    The phone would be awesome, but all prizes are great. Continue the great work on treats for diabetes. Hubby still feels left out at times, being so cautious of what he eats

  • Minnie

    I want to win the iPhone most of all!

  • Melanie Makin

    Awesome group of prizes, holy cow.

  • Gary Meranda

    Because of diabetes my eating/snacking has changed for the better and I’m ready of try an iphone at age 61, so what better way than to win this great giveaway. thanks for sponsoring it

  • Cathi

    I really need a new phone so my top pick is the iphone but I like the idea of meal replacement cookies for my busy life.

  • Would love to win an new iphone. My cell phone is a few years old now. Thanks for the chance!

  • Koma

    hoping to win something.. anything..lol

  • Diana Scholz

    Hoping to win this, my iPhone 5 is so beat up internally it seems. Lots of freezing and so slow!

  • Jenn Erin L

    I am coveting the iPhone 6 so definitely that is my favourite prize. I think Smart For Life can develop some teas and healthy energy drinks or sparking water!

  • cara

    want wo win this so i can be cool

  • Alison H

    Obviously I’d love to win the iPhone! But the weight loss kit sounds awesome too. All the prizes are great, really. I’d love to see more gluten-free products available in the future (since I have a celiac test coming up soon to see if I need to go on the diet!)

  • claudia

    I would love to win the iPhone, Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • joannaonthelake

    I have been wanting an iPhone 6 for a while now, it would be a dream come true to win! But, I am also passionate about health and nutrition so a gift card to your online store would be equally appealing to win. I try and only feed my family the healthiest food possible and I would love to stock up on your protein bars for the New Year! I would love to see you develop some lower carb and sugar free products. I am always watching my carbs and trying to eat as little sugar as possible. Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  • Cheryl Roberts

    Wow,amazing prize x

  • Nicole C

    iPhone6 would be amazing – really like smart for life bars 🙂

  • JusticeSadie

    This would make the Holidays and Birthday Brighter. I am still running and old Blackberry! YIKEs. Fingers crossed you can bring me into the new age!!

  • Emilie Proctor

    I can’t imagine winning this but it’s worth a try.

  • Judy Williams

    Definitely the iPhone 6, it would be my first smartphone and a fun learning experience for me. New products I would like to see are healthy, crunchy, tasty snacks and carbonated beverges

  • Astha Agrawala

    Obviously the iPhone 6 is what I’m hoping to win. Fingers crossed!

  • The Iphone 6 is my top choice because it goes hand to hand with my multimedia services for fitness and health in hopes to help others.

  • Anthony Miller

    Get in on the win!

  • Shane R.

    This would be a great prize to win. Thanks.

  • slyder0244

    I’d like to win an iphone 6 and you should make some snacks for on the go

  • disqus_Ld7x0Nav4l

    Fingers crossed for the iPhone 6 but love the other products as well! Happy holidays everyone!

  • Terry Rodriguez

    awesome giveaway! thank you for the chance.

  • cindy

    Love to win an Iphone

  • ouida stokes

    I would love to win the 10 pd. weight loss/maintenance kit. I love cookies and meal replacement shakes. I have tried nutri-system and other programs but gain it all back. I would love to try your program. thanks for the chance.

  • gatorbait1010

    My New years resolution is to eat healthier. This would go a long way in helping me reach my goal. Thank you

  • laura k

    Diets work for a little while but learning how to be smart for life is priceless…

  • Paul Willson

    I would like to win as I cannot afford one myself but need it desperately. Thank you for giving me this chance….

  • Rachel

    Great contest. Thanks

  • Patty Raschel

    I’d like to win the $200 gift card

  • Debra Holloway

    I need an iPhone my other phone died. Of course the weight loss management kits would be great too. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Charles Goode

    Merry Christmas

  • Damien H Humphrey

    I would definitely like and love to win the Iphone6!

  • russrpm

    I’d like to have the phone for my wife, who drank the Apple koolaid long ago, and the weight loss program for me.

  • themommazie

    I’d love to win any one of the prizes, I’m not usually lucky.

  • nac

    Thanks, I want to try the food.

  • Delia

    THank you, food

  • Carol Moore

    I would love to win the Iphone 6.

  • Chris

    the iPhone 🙂

  • Karine Martin

    thanks for the amazing giveaway !

  • tank324

    The iPhone 6 for sure. I’d also like to see a product that kicks you in the butt every time you start off course.

  • Kunal

    Iphone 6!!!!!!

  • dianna1

    I could get by a day with out the health snacking cookies I truly enjoy what this has done for me– Smart for Life makes my life a lot easier–thansk

  • Andy Dip

    thank you 🙂

  • coffee protein bars.. I need a new phone so bad..would be nice to win..

  • laroyal06

    I want to win the phone most!

  • Nicole Acuna

    Id have to go with the IPhone 6 however the gift card looks awesome, its the perfect way to pick out custom products that would work best for me. Thanks so much for giving us the chance 🙂

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    An iPhone 6 is more than I could hope for…but I’m hopin’ nonetheless. 🙂

  • Vicki Lynn Armstrong

    I have to try this product for more healthy options.

  • patterson_johnm

    Would like to win the I Phone, suppressant gummies

  • MargotS

    I would love to win the iPhone!

  • sscrash

    i need to replace my iphone 4s its on its death bed

  • Crystal

    Would LOVE the iphone!

  • helobuff
  • Yolens

    i Need to win

  • Missie Freeman

    This is a really wonderful assortment of products. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Lynn

    I would love to have an iPhone! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • kerri69

    I would love to win the Smart for life cookies
    thanks for the giveaway

  • Steph Owens

    Good stuff!!! It would be a real treat to win anything. Thanks for the chance.

  • Wanda Moore

    Would love to win one of these iPhone6.

  • Sami Davis

    Loving this give away. Hope I win

  • montique

    Cookies and a new phone!! I would be so excited to win this! Amazing prizes!!

  • i would love to win this

  • stephkattine

    Thank you!

  • edwinna ringgold

    awesome giveaway

  • Kim Compton

    Healthy food plus new phone….priceless

  • annalisak

    Love healthy food and iPhone

  • michelle

    I would love to win the iPhone!

  • Rita Corey

    I’d love to win the iPhone

  • kinsie21

    The iphone 6 but winning anything would be amazing.

  • Be Lame

    Good luck all!

  • Megan Filzen

    This is exactly what I have been looking for for a long time! Thank YOU

  • Nassim Laaziri

    I hope i win because i had never get anything from internet 🙁

  • nikkiaustin17

    i have a cracked droid from about 4 years ago lol thanks for the chance! 🙂

  • huffman1835

    I could use those 10 lb weight loss kits…like 5 of them. LoL But, seriously. Thanks!

  • Carolina Bonetti


  • Sande

    I would pair your thin adventure cereal with a prize like an iPad Air. It’s a great combination. Thanks for the contest!

  • Amanda Singleton

    I have been trying to get healthy and lose weight so my husband and I can have a baby. With the combination of Iphone text reminders and app, and healthy snacks, I will be able to reach this goal.

  • nancymeece

    The iPhone 6 would be nice to win. Something bacon flavored

  • sandra

    i’d like to win the new iphone

  • auraduchannes

    Coffee protein Bars

  • John Gibson

    I could use a new phone.

  • Carol Nine

    Yum! Coffee Latte Protein Bars!

  • good luck me!

  • My3Sons33

    The phone would be my top choice, since I don’t have one at the moment. Yogurt products would be nice. Lisa David Carr

  • Gianina Logan


  • Callie Snowden Jones

    I would love to know more about this product

  • Joyce Baker

    I would choose the iPhone.

  • Joe Jo

    I would choose the $200 gift card..Love to see products to help individuals with special needs.

  • dpapsis2

    I’d love to win the iphone 6.

  • Barbara Adams

    Super interested in the creamer. I’ve cleaned up the diet in all aspects except…my creamer.

  • Misty S.

    200 dollar gift card

  • Jim Cline

    It would be great to win an IPhone 6!!

  • hannahO95

    I would like to win an iphone for my roommate since her old phone is broken and now she has to use her old razer phone

  • hedgehogi

    I would love to win the $200 GC! Can you make a low calorie dip? yummy

  • Kristine E

    Wow this is awesome LOVE food and phones Wonderful 🙂

  • Terese Dudek

    thanks for the chance to win! iphone6!

  • greencanoe

    Winning would be great. Could use a new phone.

  • Elizabeth T

    very excited for this giveaway!

  • JK777

    This is a great site and a great giveaway! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  • sherri steinert

    Hope I win woohoo

  • Stephanie

    The iphone!!!! Its perfect considring my screen just shattered 🙁

  • Jeanna Wise

    I would love to win the iPhone 6 and the cookies sound yummy!

  • Sung

    Awesome give away

  • sandym204

    I would love to win. What a great way to start off the New year

  • Tiffany Dover

    The iphone 6 of course! My toddlers destroyed my iphone 4 with milk and forced me to revert back to a dinosaur flip phone!

  • Joker14

    I don’t have a phone

  • Anita Duvall

    Would love to win the I-Phone 6! Wonderful giveaway!

  • Jeanne Rousseau

    This would be amazing… My 19 year old is without a phone and I only have a tracphone that isn’t reliable. Be nice to talk to people via phone again.

  • Joel

    gotta love it:)

  • Kelly Reilly

    Great site and prize too,I want to win one

  • Sinden

    Would love to win this, thanks for the opportunity.

  • Theresa Reed

    Great giveaway. Hope I win.

  • Sue Tardi

    love to win

  • Claudia

    I’d love to win the Iphone, but the cookies sound pretty great also! maybe some Yogurt or Yogurt drink ?

  • Ron Ablang

    iPhone 6 please.

  • Courtney Bella

    I love huge giveaways like this !:) its like gambling without paying for it! 🙂

  • Carol Cross

    I desperately need a new phone = the iPhone 6 would be AWESOME!

  • Jonathan Ammons

    Smart for Life is tasty and healthy snacking. I would want to win the iPhone 6 for sure. Either way it is a win win. Coffee Late Bars are a plus. I don’t know if you can top that.

  • Mandala

    Been trying to be healthy and lose weight so this is an awesome prize. Can’t wait to try your products.

  • DGleeson


  • PB and J

    The iphone 6 would be great! (hope it’s factory unlocked)….a decaf coffee latte protein bar for an evening snack perhaps…

  • Marta H.

    I’d like to win the iPhone 6. Also, do you make breakfast cereals?

  • Janice Cooper

    My goal for 2015 is to eat healthy and buy more healthier snacks instead of junk food. I think the Smart for Life mobile app would be a great motivator for me.

  • sophia

    Thank you for the opportunity and good luck everyone!

  • Tammy Iler

    I would love the Iphone 6!

  • Gina Gonzalez

    A new IPhone and weightloss… Happy New Year!

  • sjgadsby

    I would like to win the iPhone. Thank you for running this contest.

  • Denise Welch

    I like all the stuff you are giving away fingers crossed for one of them.

  • natalie

    I would love the iphone 6!

  • CC

    Cookies and more cookies. I’d like to upgrade my 7+ year old flipphone all the way up to an iPhone 6.

  • Evelyn Goettner

    Any of the prizes would be great but I’d love to have an iphone 6.

  • kimdavis

    nice giveaway indeed, ty for having it, would love to win that Iphone and get a recipe for more sweets

  • Deborah Caudill

    I would love to win the iPhone 6 to replace my iPhone 4.

  • cynthiagottwald

    This is awesome in so many ways..health wise….and keeping in touch wise.

  • Pam Flynn

    I would love to ditch this cruddy phone I have and have an iPhone 6. Maybe you could have more gluten free products.

  • Cathy Clark

    I would like to see an app paired with the appropriate foods, to help me stay focused on less carbs and less salt, and more protein and fiber. Thanks! Happy New Year!

  • Chiree

    I would love to win the iphone 6 OMG thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for this contest not being a scam

  • melissa george

    wow i would love to win the giveaway as i am a huge iphone 6 fan and i love the product too.

  • Kathie

    iPhone 6

  • Carl L Smith, Jr

    I would be happy to win the iPhone, I have been needing a great phone and this one is the best!

  • Andrea Amy

    Thank you for the chance. Amazing giveaway.

  • This is good! I want to win…

  • SNB0823

    Great contest. Would love to have an iPhone.

  • Krista Miller

    iPhone 6 would be the prize for me! I would like to see a delicious line of cereals for my kids for breakfast.

  • Mycosyco

    I’d love a new phone and the iPhone 6 is obviously a great one.

  • Crystal Richie

    I actually would love to win the 10lbs weightloss kit, seeing as how this would come in handy with my new year’s resolution.

  • michellehill

    I really need to lose some weight this year. I have gained 25 pounds the last 6 months and cant take the weight off after having my 4th child. This would be a great tool with many apps to help keep me moving and lots of music and motivation. Happy New Year

  • Linda Short

    I’d like to win the iPhone 6. I’d like to see more sugar-free products for we “sugar challenged” people.

  • rosannepm

    I would be happy with any of them but of course the iphone 6 or the gift card. Really any of your products would be welcome Rosanne

  • Al Jenkins

    I would love to because free is very good.

  • Janette

    I’d like to win the phone to help keep myself on track

  • monchie

    Good luck to me!!

  • Julie Tardi

    thanks for the chance

  • evamack

    time to connect

  • gina71

    Than you!! I’d like to win the iPhone 6. I would like to see some candy and brownies.

  • Rebecca

    I hope I win!!!!

  • Stacy Trottier

    How cool is using cookies as a meal replacement?

  • jgmscuba


  • Sweepn Away

    Super great giveaway prizes

  • Bruce Vrana

    I’d like to win the iPhone

  • Bree

    Great giveaway!

  • Melissa.

    I would be happy with any of them but I’d love the iphone 6 or the gift card.

  • Summer Moore

    This would be so amazing.. I would never be able to afford any of this other wise. I would be so grateful

  • MichelleS

    I would love to win fitness and health prizes, perhaps gift cards , juice cleanses. I think you should develop juice cleanses next.

  • Debra Guillen

    Will be waiting for the release of the Smart For Life® mobile app.

  • Jamie Steagall

    The iphone 6 would be absolutely amazing…however, I’m obsessed with your protein bars too…any of your prizes would be awesome to win, you just can’t go wrong- you guys rock for even offering us this chance! Eeeeek! Thank you!

  • lisalo

    Great giveaway and great products too :o)

  • tammy S

    thanks great products love cookies here yum thanks Good Luck too ALL happy new year !1

  • Betty Curran

    I would love to win the iphone 6 for all the wonderful apps that would help keep me on track.

  • K22itty

    I love to win snacks and a I phone 6

  • lhayes

    Great products that are good for you and yummy plus an iPhone its a win, win, win!!!

  • Itharus

    I’d like to win a smartphone or tablet, perhaps food as food is good!

  • Tonya Atkinson

    I would love to win the I phone. Maybe you could introduce some mini bundt cakes

  • Lauren

    I would like to win the iphone 6! Great for helping to keep up with my goals!

  • armand oporto

    Love i phone 6. My dream is to have that iphone..coz that brand nothings to compare to the other brands. Iphone is the most demand phone because of their quality.

  • Chickie Brewer

    I like taking protein bars with me when I go out . The coffee Latte Protein Bars sounds very interesting to this coffee lover!

  • Emmani

    I would like the iPhone 6 also you could develop a way to make the foods that are good that we don’t eat look good

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