Aimee Weight Loss Testimonial

Get Inspired! – Aimee Weight Loss Testimonial

Lost 66 lbs. and lowered her BMI from 37 to 25

Aimee Weight Loss testimonial

Aimee Weight Loss Testimonial

After a miscarriage, Aimee gained 60 lbs. and became depressed. On a family vacation, she noticed her mother’s obesity affecting her walking. Scared and disgusted, Aimee knew what she had to do.

She ordered 5 weeks of cookies online and continued on her journey. “I have a sweet tooth and like to snack. Smart for Life helped me to curb my sweet tooth and by eating every 3-4 hours, stopped me from wanting to snack,” says Aimee.

Losing 66 pounds, she now feels beautiful, has more energy and self-confidence. Aimee adds, “Smart for Life helped me love myself again, not to mention improved my tennis game!”


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