Alene Weight Loss Success Story

Get Inspired! – Alene Weight Loss Success Story

Lost 126 lbs. and lowered her BMI from 42 to 22!

Alene weight loss success story

Alene Weight Loss Success Story

Alene was morbidly obese at 265 lbs. and knew she had to take charge. Now she has more energy, stronger core strength, better mobility and balance, a terrific mental attitude and has reduced her medications dramatically.

“I no longer see myself through fat eyes,” Alene explains. “My wonderful, supportive friends gave me a complete makeover and now my family, neighbors, even my doctors don’t recognize me! They can only tell who I am when my husband is beside me!”

Taking advantage of the full support from the Smart for Life team, Alene continues to rave about the weekly calls and supportive staff. “Thank you Dr. Sass and Staff, you are always there to support me. My life will never be the same; no longer do I have cravings. I feel as though I have unzipped my fat suit and found the person I always was inside. Keep baking those cookies because nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. This plan works because it’s so simple, even a cavewoman can do it successfully!”

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