Allen’s Weight Loss Story

Get Inspired! – Allen’s Weight Loss Story

Down 70 pounds in 5 months!

Allens Weight Loss Story

Allen’s Weight Loss Story

“I’m off all my meds and feeling great!”

Allen walked into the Boca Raton, Florida Smart for Life® Weight Management Center weighing 220 pounds and wearing a size 44. Within 5 months, he was down to 150 pounds and into a size 32.

Motivated to regain his health, Allen followed the program and limited his exercise as was recommended. “I found the diet easy to follow and enjoyable. Even on my vacations, I followed the plan and came home with great memories, and even lost weight!” Allen comments.

Now Allen is maintaining his weight within range, exercising as much as he likes and living life without all the medication required at his heavier weight. “I’ve found more time in the day with the Smart for Life® program. Instead of taking the time to eat meals during the days, I am able to enjoy a more active lifestyle,” he explains.

“I always recommend Smart for Life®. It’s the best thing you can do for your health and your future!” Allen praises.

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