Meet Dr. Sass: The Creator of Smart for Life

Meet Dr. Sass: The Creator of Smart for Life

Dr. Sasson E. Moulavi, commonly referred to as “Dr. Sass”, is the main man behind the revolutionary Cookie Diet. In 2002, Dr. Sass discovered a way to help people across the globe learn how to lose weight, implement healthy habits, gain energy, and improve overall health and quality of life; thus Smart for Life was born. Smart for Life offers a wide range of low-calorie, protein-packed snacks and meal replacements that can help you eat nutritiously on-the-go.

Dr. Sass began studying medicine at the prestigious University of Toronto in Canada. He was one of the youngest in his class to graduate with a Doctor of Medicine. After graduating with his M.D., Dr. Sass continued onto McGill University in Montreal, Canada to complete his post-graduate training. Dr. Sass began his medical career as an ambulance paramedic before becoming an emergency room doctor. He then started the very first VIP Canadian Clinic. Dr. Sass moved to the United States and opened multiple Smart for Life Weight Loss Centers across the country.

Dr. Sass has been studying bariatric medicine for over 20 years and has trained more than 100 doctors in the science behind bariatric medicine. His dedication to health and wellness has led him to achieve Board Certification in both Anti-Aging Medicine and Bariatric Medicine. As you can see, Dr. Sass has committed most of his life to studying weight loss medicine and strives to continue providing an affordable way to reach and maintain a healthy weight while pouring his heart and soul into the creation of every Smart for Life products.

I’ve dedicated my career to the creation and continual evolution of the successful weight loss programs we offer at Smart for Life. As my patients keep me on the pulse of today’s weight loss concerns; we’re able to keep the innovation of new techniques and services at the heart of our mission,” says Dr. Sass.

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