No BS, Just Sass: Eating Small Meals, Truth, or BS?

Dr. Sass Moulavi at Smart for Life is here to tell you that eating small meals throughout the day is not bs! Our bodies are designed to eat what we can fit in our hands. This stems from a long time ago, when we were hunter gatherers. Think about it: there was no buffet, there were no sit down 4 course meals. When we were scavenging for food and found something, in order to stay alive, we immediately ate what was in our hands.

Our bodies are not meant to handle large quantities of sugar in one sitting for this very reason. The higher you spike your blood sugar during a meal, the hungrier you will get as it’s falling afterwards. Big meals, therefore, provide higher spikes, and you then end up with more hunger later. Dr. Sass also wants to ensure you are not a “python eater.” This is considered one of the worst eating habits! You wake up, maybe have a cup of coffee, but wait until much later to have a very large meal, like a python eating a whole animal in one sitting. Dr. Sass says this is a “horrible way to eat.” It shuts off your metabolism (the opposite of what we want to do!) and can even make you sick. We’re not supposed to be, as he warns us “morning anorexics.” Eating this way can lead to metabolic diseases and diabetes.

So what should you do? At Smart for Life we highly recommend you graze on 6-7 smaller meals throughout the day. Key tip? Eat something you can realistically fit in your hand. Your meals should be high in protein, low in sugar, but high in fiber. These small, multiple meals won’t stretch your stomach, and with your stomach shrinking, you will stay fuller longer. Eat Smart for Life!

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