No BS, Just Sass: What is Allulose?

We’ve heard this before: stay away from sugars, especially white sugars! Dr. Sass is a big advocate for this NEW healthy sugar alternative. However, is there a way to enjoy foods and that addictive sweet taste without raising our blood sugars and putting our health at risk? At Smart for Life, there absolutely is.

Despite what you may think or have heard, it’s not imperative to stay away from sugars. What is important, however, is to monitor them. After many clinical trials in individuals, a compound called allulose has proven to be the answer. Allulose is an all natural, not man-made sugar! Where has this been all your life?

You’ve probably been consuming allulose for a while now without even realizing it. Allulose is found in small quantities in foods like figs, raisins, and jackfruit. It has the same taste and texture as typical sugar, without all the calories! In fact, it has almost no calories. Allulose doesn’t affect blood sugar levels and Dr. Sass can prove it.

After tests of taking spoonfuls of allulose, individuals' blood sugars were carefully monitored. There was a fractional, almost non-existent increase in blood sugar levels after taking allulose, and in some cases no increase at all. Allulose also doesn’t affect hemoglobin A1C or insulin.

Here at Smart for Life, we’ve baked allulose into our foods, providing you with a tried true healthy alternative to sweet foods and have it available in a variety of sizes on our website which you can find here. Indulge! Live a little. Choose to live smart…. For life.

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