No BS, Just Sass - What is Lepticore?

Find out what Lepticore is and how it works from Dr. Sass

The body is an incredible machine. It’s designed almost perfectly, alerting you when something is wrong, and healing you when you’re not your best. This, naturally, is a two-way street. What are the ways to honor our bodies by doing our part to keep our organs in the best shape possible to function smart… for life?

Let’s talk about the center of the powerhouse (besides the brain): your heart. Heart health is extremely important to living with positive vitality, and here at Smart for Life, our founder Dr. Sass Moulavi has created a product based on decades of clinical research and trials to help your heart, blood sugar, and overall appetite.

Our bodies produce leptin, which works with brain control to suppress and control appetite, satiety (feeling satisfied), as well as boost our metabolisms. Leptin does its job well in healthy individuals. However, for overweight persons, leptin might not work as well, if at all. The body becomes resistant to leptin, leading to poor blood pressure control, the feeling of still being hungry even when full, which will lead to an unnaturally healthy caloric intake as you continue to try to feed yourself. After all, your body thinks it’s hungry!

With Lepticore, clinically proven to lower leptin resistance and improve leptin function, taken over an 8 week period, Smart for Life can turn things around for you. This plant-based supplement can be found in our Burncor with Lepticore Supplement which is designed to assist you with fat control, fat accumulation, and help fight diseases related to fat such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Begin to feel fuller longer, improve your blood sugars and overall heart health. Lepticore can promote significant weight loss, boost your metabolism, and decrease inflammation. That is what you call a win-win!

Thank you for continuing to choose, support, and enjoy Smart for Life; we’re here for you and your health journey! Did you enjoy this blog? If so check out our other blog on How Taking Supplements Can Increase Your Quality of Health.

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