Smart for Life Success Story - Danny McSwiggin

Smart for Life Success Story - Danny McSwiggin
Article Submitted by Danny McSwiggin 
Smart for Life Success Story - Danny McSwiggin

Weight gain is something that happens over time and there is a direct correlation to an unhealthy diet leading to weight gain.  Meet Danny, a 57 year old male residing in Ottawa, Canada has always been one of the biggest guys in the room coming in at 6 foot 5 inches tall and weighing over 300 lbs in his early 20's. Weight gain has been something Danny has dealt with his whole life, in his 30's & 40's he weighted over 400 lbs. As recent as May of 2013 Danny had weighed in at 500 pounds due to being bed ridden with medical complications.

In December of 2012 Danny was diagnosed with medical conditions including high blood pressure, started seeing signs of edema in both his legs & feet, and had been suffering years of gout attacks. Fast forward to May 2013 and Danny had started to feel chest pains while walking outdoors and did not think much of it due to having allergies and attributed the sensation to the allergies. Just one month after this, during June 2013, Danny experiences chest pressure, but this time it hits at 3 AM and won't subside. He is rushed to the emergency room and diagnosed with 3 blockages, 70%, 80% & 90%. The stents are placed and some serious lifestyle changes must be made for Danny to continue living.

After this Danny gets a new family doctor, whom is immediately worried about a very large, umbilical hernia that I have had for over 20 years. After seeing the new doctor and discussing next steps we come to the conclusion that I need to lose a massive amount of weight in order to have a successful gastric bypass. We schedule surgery for Fall of 2014. The doctor recommends a weight management clinic (Smart for Life) and I begin the program in February 2015. In addition to eating the foods Smart for Life provides I also had lots of classes and one on one sessions.

One of the biggest parts of the post surgery diet was getting adequate protein and reducing carbs. For me, that goal was helped immensely through the addition of Smart for Life protein bars to my diet on a daily basis. I normally would have one or two bars per day and have tried a few brands including: Kirkland, One, Quest, Premiere, Pure Protein, Luna, Ideal Protein, Simply Protein. My favorite, by far, is Smart for Life. Many brands on the list I will not purchase ever again. Smart for Life is my 'go to' bar and my favorite of those is Caramel Almond. My diet consists of breakfast of protein cereal with protein rich milk or protein bread with low fat peanut butter and coffee. Snack is a Smart for Life protein bar. Lunch is a salad with added protein like chicken or tuna and supper is usually protein and veggies or chicken chili or turkey spaghetti sauce over cauliflower or shirataki noodles. My go to evening snack or post work out snack is another Smart for Life protein bar.

In March of 2017 I hit my goal weight of 250 lbs and I have maintained my weight, give or take 5 lbs, ever since. I frankly attribute a big part of my weight loss and maintenance to your bars. I am happier and healthier than I have been my entire adult life.

Thank you Smart for Life!

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