Trending: What is Buti Yoga?

Trending: What is Buti Yoga?

With all of the new boutique fitness centers popping up, it's no wonder we can't keep up with all the new workout classes being invented. When you hear Buti yoga, you may be thinking "booty" yoga but this form of exercise doesn't specifically target the gluteus maximus.  

Buti yoga is all about combining cardio, dance, and amped-up yoga to create a heart-pumping and muscle burning workout. You will take yoga to the next level by dancing through your flows. Buti yoga will not only have your sweat flowing but will also boost your endorphins.

How does Buti yoga work?

You will perform some breath-to-movement sequences, as you would in typical yoga, however, you will also get a stronger core workout and cardio sprints which usually come from tribal dance-like moves. Bizzie Gold, founder of Buti Yoga, said that the dance moves are mixed throughout the yoga routine.

"Think of Buti Yoga as a practice that still works your mental space, but with a lot more energy, faster flows, and a little booty popping in poses, too." - Bizzie Gold

Don't worry traditional yogis, you will still get other aspects of a regular yoga practice such as tapping into your chakras or energy system with a spiritual element that is tied into your moves.

Trending: What is Buti Yoga?

What does "Buti" mean?

Gold explained that "Buti" is an Indian Marathi word that means "a cure that's been hidden away or kept secret". It was originally used to reference Ayurvedic herbs.

“In today's society, we find everyone is always looking outside of themselves for something to fix or solve their problems when the truth is what is holding them back is a lack of reconciliation with the deepest aspects of their own body,” said Gold to Women's Health Magazine.

“We find that through the practice of Buti which incorporates, spiral movements and intense shaking and vibration... students quickly start to feel energized about their life, their goals in life, and of course the look and function of their body.” Buti tries to incorporate not only a spiritual aspect into the class, but also create a place where people can come to have fun and leave their stress at the door.

Benefits of Buti Yoga

There are many physical and mental benefits of this new yoga practice. For one, it is an awesome mood booster! “Students can expect a beat-blended musical experience that will give them a full mind-body journey, leaving them sweat-drenched and smiling. In the classes, we focus on curating an environment that allows students to be fully present in their body and not be tempted to judge or compare their movements to the person next to them," said Gold.

While in the class, you can expect the lights to be dimmed and the music to be loud. The instructors encourage you to be present when starting the class. All of this is done to encourage you to stay focused on the fun and sweat and forget about the people around you.

"The class environment is extremely encouraging and you're likely to find even the most modest or shy student ripping off their shirt midway through to shake it in a sports bra.” - Bizzie Gold

A typical Buti yoga class will include movements like warrior 1 with hip circles, pulsing through planks and yoga squats. You may also be asked to do leaps and chaturanga push-ups to complete the workout.

Trending: What is Buti Yoga?

Classes last anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. The goal is to lose yourself in the movements and release stress by sweating it out and busting a move.

“We view Buti as the practice of we. This practice reminds you at a deep core level that you belong. The six-pack abs you get a result become a pleasant side effect," said Gold.

If you're interested in possibly dabbling in Buti yoga, you can stream beginner to advance classes online. There are also locations where you can take in-person classes around the United States.

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