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Smart for Life Commercial Is #1 In Diet Category On IMS

For the week ending January 8, 2010, Smart for Life® Cookie Diet commercial ranked number one in the diet category and number 2 overall on the Infomercial Monitoring Service Listing, well ahead of Nutrisystem®, eDiets®, Jillian Weight Loss and Jenny Craig®.

“The popularity of Smart for Life® comes from a scientifically-based weight loss regime delivers the results the public demands.  The Smart for Life® Cookie Diet, products are 60% organic and natural, and deliver significantly reduced costs compared to other programs,” said Dr. Sass Moulavi, M.D., Medical Director for Smart for Life®.

Infomercial Monitoring Service ranks the 50 most frequently seen direct response television commercials that air nationally.  These rankings are provided on a weekly basis and on average over the year, Smart for Life® Cookie Diet has been in the Top 20.

The Smart for Life® Cookie Diet commercial includes 3 testimonials, from clients who combined, lost over 230 pounds. It also includes the nursery rhyme re-orchestrated “Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar” with a call-to-action to visit the website or contact the toll-free phone number.

“Working closely with our team from C Media, we have continued to improve our buys and spend to rise to the top of the IMS ranking in our category. This in turn has propelled Smart for Life® Cookie Diet to be the fastest growing weight loss company in the USA,” said Richard Kayne, COO of Smart for Life® Cookie Diet.

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More About Smart for Life 

Smart for Life® cookie diet is a comprehensive weight management approach to health and wellness which utilizes natural, hunger-controlling foods to deliver visible results. The company was started by Sasson Moulavi, M.D., “Dr. Sass,” on the principle of improving people’s lives by providing a quick, safe, easy and affordable means of weight control. Smart for Life’s e-commerce program provides an accessible weight-loss management program to consumers across the country.   Over the past 7 years, Smart for Life® has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose millions of pounds – improving their health, appearance and happiness. Check out why the Smart for Life Commercial is so highly ranked, try two weeks of cookies today!

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Don’t Spend The Holiday’s in the Emergency Room

Emergency RoomIf you are overweight, you are at risk of spending your holidays in the emergency room.

Many people who overindulge during the holidays get the following symptoms:

Chest pain:  You will never know if it is a heart attack until you go to the ER for an EKG and blood work.  But you will spend at least 12 hours at the ER worrying about whether you are dying or not.  And don’t forget, the family at home who will stop celebrating and start worrying.

Abdominal pain:  It could be gallstones–another common reason for ER visits.  You will spend 4 to 6 hours waiting for blood work and an ultrasound.  If you do have gallstones, you will be enjoying a side of surgery with your Thanksgiving turkey.

Gout:  Also known as a dreaded, painful disease.  If you are lucky, you will spend just 2 to 3 hours getting a prescription for medication. The pain will surely ruin your appetite for any desserts for at least a day or two.

 When I worked at the ER, the holidays always brought these kinds of cases in.  I remember one case where a 40-year old, overweight man came in with his wife because he was suffering from chest pain.  It ended up just being gas, but it surely destroyed their holiday.  The amazing part was that his older brother was having the dessert in the waiting room!  The brother also developed chest pain and ended up having a real heart attack.  Thankfully it was mild and he survived.  Are these the memories you want to remember for your family holidays?

Keep in mind that a big meal requires a lot of blood to be diverted to your intestinal system for digestion.  This puts stress on your heart, which substantially increases the risk of a heart attack.

 Take home message – if you do not want a side of ER with your holiday dinner, follow these simple guidelines:

 1)    Eat a small amount of food; stop when you are no longer hungry.

 2)    Teach yourself self-discipline and do not overeat the one food you really enjoy.

 3)    Do not drink more than 2 alcoholic drinks.

 4)    Eat slowly over time and drink lots of water

 5)    If you are overweight, you are at risk.  Be extra careful.

 6)    Learn to say “NO, THANK YOU.”

 7)    Instead of lounging on the couch, get the family active with a walk around the block, a game of catch or even charades to keep the body moving.

Have a great holiday, enjoy your families and make memories you want to have for years to come.

Dr. Sass
Sasson Moulavi, M.D., LMCC, ABBM
Medical Director
Smart For Life Cookie Diet