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If You Aren’t Feeding Your Kids Healthy, Whole Foods, Is Anyone?

It’s Time To Eat More Healthy, Whole Foods

I recently watched an amazingly eye-opening video, featuring Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution on healthy, whole foods.  Jamie’s a 34 year old, average citizen and chef from Essex, England, who has a not-so-average take on where we need to focus our attention, immediately.  Jamie’s message is simple and to the point: Teach our children about food.  It’s an all-out assault on our ignorance of food.  Our kids are going to live a shorter life span than us, by about ten years, if we don’t teach them how to shop for, prepare and eat real food.  The processed food and fast food that is the bulk of so many diets today is literally killing us.  Diet-related diseases are the biggest killers in the U.S. and two-thirds of our population is obese.  Those of us who are older are probably better off since these dangerous “pseudo foods” weren’t around or as prevalent when we were growing up, but think of the youth of today.  If we aren’t cooking in our homes, where are our kids going to learn about real food?  Jamie visited an elementary school classroom and showed them various fresh vegetables in their “whole state”.  Cauliflower, potato, beet, tomato, eggplant; the children could not identify any of them.

Healthy, Whole Foods Should Be The Standard In Daily Eating

healthy, whole foods kidsJamie’s been working on this revolution for seven years and believes the United States, as a leader, needs to take the wheel so the rest of the world will follow.  That’s why he came here and began in West Virginia, where obesity and related fatalities are so high.  He talked with families, teaching them how to teach others.  He has made himself available to the lunch ladies, convinced that the limited budgets can be creatively adjusted to provide healthy meals to the school-aged children.  Jamie is calling out for all of us to make the change for our own families and then spread the word, the recipes, and the information on healthy, whole foods that will change the health of our society, in general.

Being on the leading edge of change isn’t usually a comfortable place to be…but it’s the only place to be if you really want to make a difference.  Stepping out from the crowd is the way it’s always been done.  More so than ever before; it’s time to step up!

Jamie Oliver is one of a small army of concerned individuals who are carving out their own perfect way to make a difference.  As he so aptly points out in this video, if those of us who have valuable pieces of information to contribute, each get involved on a small grass roots level, the change will happen quickly.  As we share information with a few, who share with a few, the knowledge travels easily and effortlessly, like the ripples in a pond; reaching an ever-widening circle as we move forward as a healthier town, nation and world.

Do yourself, your family and your friends a favor by watching and sharing this video post.

To your health and happiness, -Dr. Sass. Eat healthy, whole foods for a healthier life you deserve. Get started with our healthy diet plans today!

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A cola and a smile? Not so fast….Diabetes Kills

Sodas And Lots Of Daily Sugar Can Cause Diabetes

In an on-line article by Kate Kelland (Reuters) I read of a very disturbing study done on the consumption of sugary drinks and Diabetes.  You know the ones to which I’m referring; Coke, Pepsi, and any of the other brands of soft drinks in that category.  Those of us who drink these on a regular basis consider these 12 ounce wonders to be a true friend.  They give us a boost of energy and refresh us with their effervescence.  Well, don’t be fooled.  These are the bad guys hiding behind clever commercials, fun packaging and a burst of ice-cold bubbles.


Hold onto your hat for this statistic.  Drinking just one of these sugar-rich beverages a day can increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 22%!  This study was done throughout eight European countries, utilizing information from 350,000 individuals.  They questioned these people about their diet, including the number of sugary and artificially sweetened soft drinks and juices they consumed each day.  The research team at Imperial College London was headed up by Dora Romaguera.  She has great concerns about the fact that Europeans have increased their consumption of these sugar-laden drinks and wants to get the information out to the public.  It’s also interesting to note that, according to this study, fruit juice consumption was not linked to diabetes incidence.  Actually, Smart for Life® believes that in the weight loss phase, no fruit or fruit juice should be consumed.

Type-2 Diabetes Is A Long Term Condition

The research that’s been done in the United States shows alarmingly similar results.  Several studies have linked the consumption of these beverages to being overweight and developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes is a long-term condition characterized by insulin resistance and affects more than 310 million people, worldwide.

Patrick Wolfe, a statistics expert from University College London, who was not involved in the research, said the message is quite clear.  “The bottom line is that sugary soft drinks are not good for you – they have no nutritional value and there is evidence that drinking them every day can increase your relative risk for type 2 diabetes.” Wolfe was quoted to say.

So, there it is.  It’s time to steer away from what I call “dumb” calories.  For those of us who need to kick the habit, believe me, I know it’s tough.  We drink our 8-10 glasses of water a day and feel great about it, but really look forward to that occasional sweetness.  Personally, I’ve turned my diet cola habit into a Smart for Life® water enhancer habit.  I’m not saying it’s easy, but between the Peach Mango and Acai Pomegranate, I’m able to satisfy that craving and reap the benefits of this natural appetite suppressant supplement.   A few squirts in my water bottle, and I get great flavor along with an energy boost from the Vitamin B6 & B12.  But honestly, the biggest benefit is feeling the relief from knowing I’m no longer ingesting the colas.  Whether we’re trying to eliminate the sugar or the artificial sweeteners, we know it intellectually, but we have to line it up on a deeper level to be successful when we go to change these types of habits.  It feels like we’re saying goodbye to a dear friend; but believe me, some relationships just run their course.  This is one that’s best seen through your rear view mirror as you move on down the road to your healthier lifestyle.

To a Diabetes-free life, your health and happiness, -Dr. Sass

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Smart For Life iPad Mini Giveaway

Smart For Life iPad Mini Giveaway Contest

iPad Mini Giveaway

Smart for Life is hosting a free iPad Mini and Smart for Life Coaching Membership Giveaway Contest!

Were you bummed that the Smart BMI App was released, but you don’t have a device to use it on? Worry no more! Smart for Life is giving away an iPad Mini and Coaching Membership for those who dig down deep to share the Smart for Life lifestyle. Like us on Facebook to unlock the contest page!

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Good luck! Coaches, don’t forget to sign up for the new BMI app!

Smart for Life® Announces Smart BMI App

What Is The Smart BMI App?

smart BMI app Introducing the first Smart for Life® News video! Today’s video goes over the new Smart BMI App, a weight loss support app designed for Smart for Life® centers, affiliates and coaches. Dr. Sass answers fundamental questions regarding the new application, including what the app measures, why the Smart for Life ® app is the best to use, and where members can sign up. To learn more about the Smart BMI App, click here. or view more Smart for Life® videos at the Smart for Life YouTube Channel.

Enjoy the app to check your BMI and you may also get started on our great weight loss products today to help you lose weight!

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Smart for Life Named Manufacturer Of The Year!

manufacturer of the yearSmart for Life Named Manufacturer Of The Year 2013

Last Thursday evening, April 18th, at the SFMA (South Florida Manufacturing Association) awards banquet, Smart for Life® was presented the top honor of Manufacturer of the Year. Chosen from a sizable and diverse group of companies, several key members of our manufacturing team were recognized for their dedication to the operations, production and incomparable standards of excellence maintained at our pristine, bakery facility here in South Florida. Additionally, this same facility has been recognized, by Orkin, with a Perfect Cleanliness Score for four consecutive years.

Those attending on behalf of Smart for Life® were me, Dr. Sasson Moulavi, Owner and Medical Director; Richard Kayne, Chief Operating Officer; Anthony Ciotti, Operation/Facilities Manager; Elliot Chute, Food Safety/Compliance Manager; and Digna Cheney, Production Manager.

All of us at Smart for Life® are aware of the tireless effort and talent that go into earning such a prestigious award. It is with great appreciation that we thank those who are most directly responsible and with great pride and pleasure that we share in the light of this award.  On behalf of the amazing team that makes up all factions of Smart for Life®…Congratulations to all!

With this dedicated team, Smart for Life® will continue to produce and create amazing new products to enhance your healthy lifestyle and always give you something for which to look forward.

Try some of our delicious weight loss products today and take the fast, healthy track to your goal!

Health and happiness, -Dr. Sass

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Here Are Some Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Omega 3’s

Omega 3’s Can Be Eaten In Many Forms

omega 3'sRecently, in a piece by Mike Roussell, PhD, I read some interesting data on Omega 3’s.  This is really good news if you don’t happen to be a fish lover, or if you just find it difficult to work two servings a week into your diet menu plan.   According to world renowned Omega-3 expert Dr. Bill Harris, our bodies absorb the healthy EPA and DHA fats (long-chain Omega-3 fats) in the fish oil supplements just as readily as they absorb the same healthy fats in the actual fish, like salmon and tuna.

To the contrary, the story about flax seed in your diet is quite different.  The Omega-3 fat in flax seed  known as ALA (short-chain omega-3 fats), does not convert easily into the EPA and DHA that we seek in fish.  As our bodies benefit greatly from long and short-chain omega 3s, having a source for both is certainly recommended.  Consider this a word to the wise for vegetarians who aren’t eating fish or taking fish oil.   Unknown to many, the healthy oil in the fish oil is not made by the fish.  It’s actually made by the algae that the fish eat.  Luckily, you can go directly to the source and find an algae-based DHA supplement.  By the way, the eggs you see with Omega 3’s on the label come from chickens that are fed flax seed.  Many of our Smart for Life products are also an excellent source for both of these Omegas, found in our Enriched Organic Golden Flax Meal which contains both flax and fish oils.

Omega 3’s Reduce Heart Attacks By Up To 50%

As far as the Omega 3 research these days, some studies are telling us that although a high level of omega-3 fatty acids in your bloodstream is not conclusively going to lengthen your life span, it may offer protection from heart disease and reduce the likelihood of such complications, in some cases, by as much as 50%.  One very important factor to take into this equation is that a great number of folks who have these higher levels of fatty acids are also, often, eating more healthfully, in general.  They tend to eat more vegetables and less red meat.  This steers us back to lifestyle and the importance of looking at the whole picture as you plan your future health profile.  At Smart for Life® we’re here to help in any way we can; from the creation and manufacturing of our healthy products to the leading edge information and support we offer on our website and in our Centers.

Eat more Omega 3’s, to your health, Dr. Sass

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Weigh In, Pay Out – Airline Charges By The Pound

Airline Charges By The Pound

Airline charges by the poundMaybe your airline charges by the pound…I read an article this week written by Matt Brownell at Daily Finance, reporting on Samoa Air, a small airline in the South Pacific that is now weighing passengers and their baggage to determine the cost of their ticket.  Per kilogram, you may pay $1 or up to $4.16, depending on the length of your flight.  This is most interesting as Samoa has a high rate of obesity.

The airline’s website is taking this tack: “We at Samoa Air are keeping airfares fair, by charging our passengers only for what they weigh.  Your weight plus your baggage items, is what you pay for.  Simple.”  In an interview, the airline’s CEO took a similar stance:  “there are no extra fees in term of excess baggage or anything – it is just a kilo is a kilo is a kilo.”

Although this school of thought holds a basic truth, the underlying controversies are many.  With the aspects of discrimination that begin to surface after contemplating this for a while, it seems doubtful that such a practice would take hold in the U.S.  Remember the trouble Southwest got into when they told an obese passenger she had to purchase two seats?  As it turns out, she flew part of her trip, as planned, but was told when re-boarding after a layover that she would have to purchase a second seat.  Her argument was with the inconsistency, not being told at the time of purchase and the embarrassing lack of privacy during the incident. If an individual can’t fit into one seat without infringing on co-passengers, then it makes sense to pay for an additional seat, but in a dignified manner.  Otherwise; it’s a flawed policy.

What if you happen to be really tall?  Or pregnant?  Or you have a debilitating medical condition, over which you have absolutely no control that causes you to be overweight?  Such thoughts must not have occurred to the airline when they began touting the claim “you decide how much (or little) your ticket will cost”.

If the airline is thinking their idea will get travelers to lose weight, they may want to reconsider.  Individuals who battle problems with obesity need diet education,inspiration and support from their loved ones and their communities. For a business to focus their financial structure on an individual’s weight seems to take us back a step in cultural progress.  This way of thinking is morally and socially wrong.  Any airline in the U.S. that would adopt this policy should be boycotted by all of us, in unison: “A seat is a seat is a seat!”  This is one idea that should never have gotten off the ground.

Stop the weight gain and reach your weight loss goals with us quickly starting today!

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Support At Work Can Inspire Successful Weight Loss Results

Want Successful Weight Loss Results? Get Support At Work!

In an article by Marilyn Kennedy Melia in, I read that the Tuft’s Energy Metabolism Laboratory at Tufts University, recently conducted a six month study on weight loss.  Specifically, they sent health professionals to conduct weekly or bi-weekly lunch hour sessions on hunger management and reduced calorie diets at two Boston area firms.

The researchers tracked 133 employees, with a third of them in a “control group”, from two other firms that didn’t receive the informational sessions at lunch hour.

On average, the weight loss was 18 pounds, which is about three times better than other workplace diet efforts, according to Susan Roberts, co-author of the study.  “This was different because we asked for volunteers for the study, other diet programs were given to all workers and we also had advice on behaviors,” says Roberts.  “At the end of the program, people were crying, saying it changed their life.”

Additionally, many workers who hadn’t volunteered also lost weight, inspired by their participating co-workers.

successful weight loss

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that recently published the same study, it “demonstrates the first effective corporate weight loss program which combines nutritional counseling with behavioral change management.” says Norman Gorin, CEO of Wellesley, Mass, Instinct Health Science, which is planning to expand the program.

I urge all of you to start our weight loss program for greater success! -Dr. Sass

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Trouble sleeping linked to weight gain

Weight Gain Can Cause Sleeping Problems

CPAP - weight gainI read, recently, in a study out of the University of Colorado, that researchers found those who average only five hours of sleep, on a nightly basis, had weight gain of almost two pounds a week.  It’s not believed that sleep loss is the direct cause, but that insufficient sleep can lead to changes that will trigger the weight gain.

“Just getting less sleep, by itself, is not going to lead to weight gain,” said Kenneth Wright, PhD, director of CU-Boulder’s Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory in a press release.  “But when people get insufficient sleep, it leads them to eat more than they actually need.

Researchers evaluated 16 healthy young adults for about two weeks in a University of Colorado Hospital “sleep suite” which is a controlled environment for monitoring and studying sleep.

After three days of sleeping approximately nine hours a night and consuming an average number of calories, they were split into two groups:  One group continued with the nine hours or sleep, while the other reduced theirs to five.  After five days, the groups switched their sleep schedules and were observed for another five days.

Although both groups had identical access to food, those who were sleeping only five hours a night were found to consume an average of six percent more calories.  A great number of these calories came from snacking and the lighter sleepers consumed more of their calories snacking than at any single meal.

Sleep Restriction = Weight Gain

“When people are sleep-restricted, our findings show they eat during their biological nighttime when internal physiology is not designed to be taking in food,” said Wright.

This study shows that fewer hours of sleep seem to have a notable effect on eating habits and weight gain.  It appears that self-awareness, an important quality to a healthy eater, is lessened with a lack of sleep.  Proper diet and rest have been the mantra of many health professionals over the years.  According to this research, healthy sleep habits deserve top billing, right up there, next to Smart food choices like Smartforlife®.

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