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Smart for Life® Cookie Diet

Smart for Life® is so much more than a cookie diet. Each Smart for Life® cookie is actually a meal. Every cookie and every other meal replacement product we make incorporates all the ingredients necessary to create a balanced meal, such as; egg protein, flaxseed, milk protein, fish oil, oats, soy protein, SuperFiber, canola and fish oil, and healthy dark chocolate.  These cookies, made by Smart for Life®, are designed to give you the right amount of protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats necessary for your body to function at its optimum level of energy and health. We do this with a minimum of calories, a minimum of processing, and a low glycemic index.

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One of the favorite features is that the cookies are so convenient because you carry them with you.   All the healthy ingredients that have been specially processed and minimally baked to nourish you multiple times throughout the day are always within reach to keep you on track, regardless of your busy schedule.  You can rely on these healthy, convenient, delicious products to provide all these benefits for probably less than you’re currently spending on your breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Now, if by chance you’re able to wake up every morning and prepare a wholesome breakfast that has all the above ingredients, then you may not need to use our products.  But as we well know, in our society, most of us have precious little time and most people just don’t know how to prepare such healthy meals for themselves.  Smart for Life® makes this healthy lifestyle simple and easily accessible by offering the cookies, bars and other products that incorporate these vital nutrients.  Furthermore, because our products are made with mostly organic ingredients, no preservatives and no food coloring they do not add to the toxic burden our bodies have to deal with on a daily basis as we process the pollutants in many of our foods and much of our environment.  So, as you can see, our cookie diet is not really a diet with a cookie, but a cookie that’s a meal that will help you eat right, lose weight, and save money.

Smart for Life cookie diet

Cookie Diet Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the nutritional value of the cookies?

Smart for Life® cookies are minimally processed, and made with natural and mostly organic ingredients that have proven health benefits including reducing cholesterol, increasing bone health, and maintaining cholesterol, glucose and insulin levels that are already within the normal range. Using the cookies as meal replacements for breakfast, lunch and snacks and preparing a lean protein and smart vegetable dinner will provide all the nutrients required to maintain optimal health.

2. How do the cookies taste?

The cookies are delicious.  We offer a wide range of flavors, textures, and levels of sweetness. Some sweeter than others, so there’s something for everyone. Chocolate lovers are pleasantly surprised!

3. How do the cookies control hunger?

Eating a cookie with a glass of water every few hours keeps you satisfied because you’re continually refueling throughout the day. The cookies contain natural appetite suppressants, proteins and SuperFiber which also keep hunger under control.

4. What’s the difference from your diet cookies and the other cookies that are out there?

Smart for Life® diet cookies are mostly organic, contain no toxins, no food coloring and no preservatives. They are minimally processed with healthy, natural ingredients that provide necessary nutrition with the benefit of appetite suppression for hunger control.

5.  Do the cookies shrink your stomach?

Yes, they do.  The program is designed to teach you to “graze” rather than fill up on a few large meals throughout the day.  After some time, your body adjusts to this new, healthier way of eating.  Your stomach gets used to processing smaller, more frequent portions, so it shrinks to suit your new lifestyle.

6. Why do I need to drink water with the cookies?

You cannot overestimate the value of water in your weight loss journey. Drinking a glass of water with each cookie will help you feel full and stay hydrated. Your kidneys and liver rely on water to complete the fat burning process necessary for healthy weight loss to take place. Without sufficient water, your body will not be able to release the stored fat properly and your progress will be halted.

7. What flavors are available for the cookies?

The cookies are available in the following flavors: Chocolate Chip, Blueberry, Oatmeal Raisin, Cranberry Granola, Banana Chocolate Granola, Irresistible Peanut Butter, Irresistible Chocolate (the Irresistible’s are fully enrobed in either peanut butter or chocolate)

8. Is the cookie diet a fad diet?

Absolutely not. There are many definitions of fad diet, but often they are characterized by making weight loss claims that are simply not supported, scientifically. Nothing could be further from the truth in regard to the Smart for Life® Cookie Diet. The program and products were created by Dr. Sass Moulavi, our Medical Director, who is a bariatric physician with over 20 years of experience in scientifically based weight loss medicine.

9.  What are the functional ingredients of the Smart for Life cookie diet?

The cookies contain numerous functional ingredients: SuperFiber, flax seed, oats, soy beans, egg protein, milk protein, fish oil, canola oil, lean protein and other natural and organic ingredients.

10. How do the cookies help me get enough protein?

Each cookie contains lean protein, milk protein, and egg protein. Eating 6 cookies a day along with your evening meal, provides the optimal amount of protein for a healthy lifestyle.

11. Do the diet cookies help me stay full?

Yes.  The combination of SuperFiber and protein produce a filling effect which is further enhanced by your generous water intake and other natural appetite suppressants.

12. Can I use the cookie diet to maintain my weight?

Of course.  You may use the diet cookies as meal replacements or as a snack as long as you don’t exceed the number of calories required to maintain your goal weight.  Remember, also, exercise is vital to successful weight maintenance!

13. Why can’t I use regular cookies to lose weight?

The Smart for Life® cookie diet contains a complete variety of proprietary blends and healthy nutrients that are portion controlled, low sugar, natural and mostly organic.  Through a very creative process, we’ve been able to present all of these healthy ingredients in the form of a “cookie”, but this is no ordinary cookie which is usually no more than bleached flour, refined sugar, eggs, saturated fat and preservatives.

14. Will I get to eat normal food while on the Smart for Life cookie diet?

Yes, you will.  You’ll be eating 6 cookies each day in place of your breakfast, lunch and snacks.  Every evening you’ll be preparing yourself a healthy, delicious meal of lean protein and smart vegetables.

Get started today on the SmartforLife® cookie diet and lose weight with out delicious and healthy diet cookies as well as our other products!

Smart for Life cookie diet

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