Exercise more; eat less is common advice given to those wanting to lose weight, but actually may be one of the least helpful suggestions you’ll ever hear. After extensive research into numerous diets, weight loss programs and patient’s results; research has found that sticking to a moderate to intense exercise program during your weight loss phase will cause your increased hunger to sabotage your efforts. You simply won’t be able to exercise enough to burn off all the additional “hunger” calories your body will crave after a heavy workout.

Now, don’t misunderstand. It’s a matter of timing. Exercise is essential once you reach your target goal. During maintenance and beyond, a regular workout routine will enhance your life and help you stay within your preferred weight range. It’s just during your initial weight loss phase that we find zero to minimal exercise to be most effective.

Once you’ve lost the weight and started your exercise routine, it may take a while before you find a balance that works best for you. You want to exercise enough to achieve fitness, but be careful not to overdo it and end up eating more in your post-exercise hunger than you’re able to burn off.
Keep it simple; keep it fun and remember: exercise is for fitness; a healthy, low calorie diet is for weight loss.

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