GMOs Make Our Food Better…. Right?


What are GMOs? GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. GMOs are created by manipulating genes within plants and animals and mixing them to create more “efficient” food. One good example of this is corn. Before GMOs were introduced into our foods, about 35+ years ago, a stalk of corn would produce  3-6 ears of corn. Now with gene modification, a single stalk of corn can produce 3x as many. Now you may be saying, that sounds very beneficial considering our growth in population, right? Some may argue that GMOs only improve our food, and on the surface this appears to be true. However GMOs start losing their validity, when huge manufacturers are warping genes to increase their production and ultimately their sales. This floods the market with genetically altered foods, and the consumer has no idea what they’re actually putting into their body. The most shocking part about it……. manufacturers do not have to label their product as genetically modified! With all of the public support surrounding science and technology, it can become difficult to see who is helping the public and who is cashing in on our ignorance. We have to remember that GMOs started because a tobacco farmer wanted to create a more resistant tobacco leaf in order to increase his profit margins.We cannot let “Big Food” cash in on more profitable crops without knowing what we put into our bodies. Follow the link to learn more about the Non-GMO project.


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  • Myrine Lopez

    I was just wondering: how do we identify if a certain food is GMO when there are no any labels?

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