Linda Has Great Results With Our Cookie Diet

Linda Has Great Results With Our Cookie Diet

49 pounds in 6 months

Linda Has Great Results Cookie Diet

Linda Has Had Great Results With Our Cookie Diet

“My husband noticed that I have more energy and self-confidence.”

After watching her daughter Brooke succeed on the Smart for Life program, Linda knew it was her turn. Her weight had crept up over the years, along with her cholesterol.

“This program was so easy for me – a ‘no brainer’ – because I could throw a cookie in my purse and go about my day,” says Linda. “Brunch with friends was simple; I would eat my cookie, drink coffee and chat. I never felt deprived because the pounds and inches were coming off.”

Within a few weeks, Linda noticed her energy level had increased, she felt more alert, and her cholesterol levels were getting back to normal. “The plan does work and has a great support system once you reach your goal weight!”

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