J.L. Weight Loss Success Story

Get Inspired! – J.L.Weight Loss Success Story

J.L. lost over 60 lbs!

J.L. Weight Loss Success Story

Her Weight Loss Secret

When she started, J.L. was searching for an improved, healthier self and was finished walking down a self-destructive path highlighted by morbid obesity.

“The journey to a ‘Better Me’ led me to Smart for Life. With this one step – or more appropriately, with one Cookie, I made the turning point in my life. Smart for Life has given me hope – a gift beyond measure,” J.L. explains.

She claims it was the easiest and healthiest weight loss she has experienced. More importantly, this program has given her true understanding of what her body needs to become healthy and stay that way.

“Smart for Life has given me the tools to succeed, a support system of angels to encourage, and help with weekly accountability and monthly doctor visits.”

Melting away over 60 pounds, J.L. went from a size 18/20 to a 12/14 with her cholesterol dropping 5 points.

“I thought I could do this alone, I’m glad I chose otherwise!”

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