How Klondy Lost Weight With SmartforLife

If Klondy Lost Weight, So Can You

Down 80 lbs. in 9 months!

Klondy Lost Weight

Lost Weight – 80 Pounds!

“I’m off all my meds and feeling great!”

Klondy first heard about Smart for Life while doing volunteer work and decided to give it a try. “I knew it was something I could do because of its simplicity,” Klondy explains. As she stuck with the program, 80 pounds came off and Klondy could not be happier. In 9 months, she has also lowered her BMI from 36 to a healthy 24.

“I no longer suffer from acid reflux, my asthma has subsided and my cholesterol is much lower. My life has changed for the better with an increase in energy! I do not hide beneath layers of fat but instead enjoy shopping and going to the pool.” For challenging situations, Klondy has a strategy before attending any party by deciding what she will eat and how much. That leaves her plenty of time to focus on friends and the festivities. Klondy has totally become Smart for Life!

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