Kristin’s Cookie Diet Results

Cookie Diet Results by SmartforLife® Client Kristin

Lost over 134.5 lbs.!

Kristins' Cookie Diet Results

Cookie Diet Results…

Kristin tried many diets to gain control of her eating but never succeeded – until she began the Smart for Life Program! With 2 co-workers on the program, Kristin was impressed with the structure and accountability she observed on Smart for Life.

“This has been a miracle for me. People treat you differently when you are heavy. Being a size 26 does not make you happy with yourself. At a size 8, I feel like I can do anything!” Kristin explains.

Since losing 134.5 pounds and reaching her goal weight, Kristin is convinced that exercise plays an important role in her maintenance plan. Walking 3 to 5 days a week allows this proud wife and mother to “participate” in life and balance out the calories. That’s the Smart for Life way!

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