Maintenance Plan


Look in the mirror. I would like to introduce you to…you. This is the real you! This is the joyful, energetic, confident person who is so happy to have made this exciting weight loss journey. You look amazing and much healthier! All of us at Smart for Life® are so thrilled to congratulate you on your success with phase one. That’s right. I said phase one.

Now that you’ve reached your goal weight, you need to train yourself how to maintain that weight, indefinitely. In this phase we’ll focus on strengthening your healthy new habits so they become your “go to” behavior patterns; integrating all that you’ve learned into a natural, daily routine that will serve you for the rest of your life.

These next several pages will provide a review of essential program information. We encourage you to take this to heart, review it often, and appreciate your new life each and every day.

Sasson Moulavi, MD, ABOM, LMCC
Smart for Life® Medical Director

Long-Term Weight Maintenance
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Weigh Yourself Weekly