Medical Weight Loss Program

Smart for Life® Medical Weight Loss Program Will Help You Lose Weight

Whether you have 20 pounds to lose or 100, Smart for Life® is committed to helping you achieve success. Our Medical Weight Loss Program provides clients with support and expert guidance because we know that working together with a doctor can help you achieve results faster and more successfully. Along the way, your progress will be monitored by our on-staff physician. If you have any health conditions or medications that require close attention, our Smart for Life® staff and Medical Director are available to you.

Benefits of the Smart Medical Weight Loss Program:

medical weight loss program

  • Your own medical weight loss doctor who will help you reach your goal
  • Metabolic monitoring and correcting by your Smart for Life® physician
  • Physical exam
  • EKG
  • Supports Prescriptions
  • BMI analysis
  • Educational audio and video
  • Program handbook review (yours to keep)
  • Goal setting
  • Motivational and phone support
  • Weekly accountability and personalized counseling
  • Online recipes, motivational cards, support system and diet resources
  • Text SFL to 71441 to join our Daily Motivational Text Messages * Standard Data and Texting Rates May Apply

Our experts in our Centers throughout the United States and Canada are available to monitor and motivate you as you follow the Smart for Life® Medical Weight Loss Program.  Find a Smart for Life® center near you

Our physician’s sole focus is helping you to lose weight and get healthier. Each physician brings years of experience in the medical field and receives continuing education on subjects pertaining to health and weight loss.

Use this link to a listing of our Weight Loss team to meet the physician in your local center.

Rest assured, the Smart for Life® Medical Weight Loss Program is medically sound and offers a healthy way for you to lose the weight and keep it off. Before beginning the Smart for Life® Program, your medical history is thoroughly reviewed and during your weight loss journey, it is regularly monitored. Some people suffer from a metabolic or hormonal condition and many of those remain undiagnosed.  Click here to take a Metabolic Test. Our physicians are able to identify if this type of condition has prevented you from losing weight and treat it at no extra charge, resulting in you reaching your weight loss goal! As a client, you will also receive all the vitamins and supplements needed to keep you healthy.

Our Center Staff is ready to get you started. You’ll become familiar with our Support Team and the Physician in your Center. They’ll be able to offer you advice and suggestions to help you face just about any challenge that may occur. You will receive on-going education regarding nutrition, weight loss, emotional eating and how to turn your weight loss into a Smart for Life® Lifestyle to keep that weight off for life.

Get Smart for Life® today! Call your local Center to schedule an appointment or click the button below to see our products.

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