Melissa Loses 75 Pounds With SmartforLife Cookie Diet

Melissa’s SmartforLife Cookie Diet Success Story

Down 75 pounds!

Melissa Loses 75 Pounds On The SmartforLife Cookie Diet

Melissa Loves the Smart forLife Cookie Diet

“After all these years of always being the bigger girl, I feel great about my new body!”

Melissa’s journey began when she wore a size 14 and weighed 200 pounds. Now a size 4 and weighing 125 pounds, she is ecstatic about her new body.

“It’s unbelievable to me that I actually own a pair of white linen slacks,” she says. “I have never been able to pick any piece of clothing that I liked from a store; I always had to go for something in black.”

Melissa lost eight pounds the first week on the SmartforLife cookie diet and never turned back. “This diet was so easy for me!” Melissa says. “I never cheated because I never had to. I never felt hungry.”

Melissa says Smart for Life® is the first diet that actually changed the way she looks at food. Not only did she lose weight every week, but she also learned how to change her eating habits. “I lost every week and never gained, even through the holidays!”

Even with constant compliments from friends and family, Melissa was still surprised that her best friend’s husband didn’t recognize her at a recent event. “When I turned around, he was in shock that it was me!”

Melissa is now maintaining her weight successfully. “I’m ready to tell anyone who wants to listen just how easy Smart for Life® cookie diet was for me and how easy it can be for them!”

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