At SmartforLife® we want to offer as many tools as possible to help keep you motivated in your weight loss journey. We also want to stack the odds in your favor for massive success. Below is a list of Free Tools to keep you motivated.

Free Motivational Cards

Download and print the motivational cards. Some will apply to you more than others, so choose the ones that really hit home. Post the cards in highly visible places so you’ll read them multiple times during your daily routine. Putting one on the bathroom mirror, where you’ll see it each morning, will provide welcome inspiration before you get distracted by the day’s events. There’s one specifically for the kitchen, put one in the car, tape one to your computer monitor, put a mini version on the back of your cell phone…anywhere they will serve you best! Just click the image below!

Free Motivational Cards 2


Free eBooks
This set of informative eBooks will educate you on the following subjects: Alcohol, Frozen Dinners, Water, Food, How Weight Loss Benefits Your Mind, Insulin Resistance, Weight Loss, Maintenance Program, Motivation, Are you on target with your weight loss? and How to properly read nutritional labels.

free ebooks


Text Message Motivation

We’re all familiar with the saying “timing is everything”. Well, that sure comes into play when you need a dose of inspiration to stay on track with your weight loss program. Simply text “SFL” to 71441 to receive our motivational texts. Clients are so happy to receive these, especially when the perfect text shows up just as they’re walking into the pizza place…now, that’s timing! Studies have shown that people who receive text messages and read them lose more weight than those who don’t.

smartforlife daily text



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