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Mini Mushroom Quiches

Mini Mushroom Quiches-Quiches with a mushroom twist

Smart Asian Burger

Here is a delicious Asian burger recipe like you’ve never had! Grilled ground chicken, Asian inspired sauce, slightly seasoned with green onion and topped with mozzarella.

Smart Mexican Burger

Ever had a Mexican burger? Well this delicious recipe is simple to whip up and is packed with amazing flavors and is very healthy as well and quick to prepare.

Smart Italian Burger

Enjoy some Italian burger flare with this delicious recipe. Sautéed chicken with herbs, mustard, marinara and mozzarella cheese. You can also wrap it in lettuce to avoid the carbs in buns.

Chicken Burger

Here is a classic grilled chicken burger recipe with a few herbs and garlic added, grilled until golden brown and topped with vegetables, salt and pepper to taste.

Buffalo Cheeseburger on a Portobello Bun

This Buffalo Cheeseburger on a Portobello Bun recipe is quick, healthy and delicious and can be prepared in a hurry so you can keep that lean body fueled with protein and keep your muscle mass as well as keep your