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Grilled Jerk Rubbed Whole Fish with Hot Vinegar

Grilled Jerk Rubbed Whole Fish with Hot Vinegar– Firm, fresh fish (such as red snapper) in the round and grilled with this homemade jerk seasoning mixture and topped with vinegary Escovitch sauce!

Tasty Tilapia

Tasty Tilapia– Sautéed tilapia (or your favorite white fish) with mushrooms, sweet peppers and a touch of garlic. Very high in Omega-3’s, fish is one of the healthiest things you can eat.

Tilapia Florentine

Tilapia Florentine– Tilapia, fresh spinach and onion baked in a foil packet for a moist and flavorful dish! Baked, healthy deliciousness just waiting for your cooking skills.

Tilapia Scampi

Tilapia Scampi- Broiled Tilapia with scampi sauce served over spaghetti squash. A delicious healthy meal you can enjoy anytime.

Island Tilapia

Island Tilapia topped with a dollop of Thousand Island dressing and broiled until the fish browns on top. A delicious Island flavored treat, healthy and filling. You’ll love it!

Halibut or Tilapia with Vegetables

Halibut or Tilapia smothered in a medley of fresh vegetables and baked to perfection. Enjoy this fresh recipe with vegetables and herbs, today.

Fish, Pepper and Lemon Kabobs

Baked fish fillets seasoned with healthy ingredients to succulent perfection, marinated and grilled with fresh vegetables to round out this delicious meal, kabob-style.