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Tuna Salad

Healthy tuna salad with a caper and balsamic vinaigrette kick. This delicious tuna salad recipe puts a healthy spin on what you normally see and eat elsewhere.

Sushi Tuna Hand Roll

Sushi Tuna Hand Roll– Seaweed wraps of fresh tuna, carrots and cucumber. A super healthy, protein packed sushi treat that you can prepare quickly.

Tuna Ceviche Roll

Tuna Ceviche Roll– Marinated, chilled, fresh tuna rolled in thin cucumber slices and topped with honey-mustard. If you love ceviche, this recipe will satisfy your taste buds.

Tuna Stuffed Egg

Tuna Stuffed Egg– No yoke about it! Hardboiled egg whites stuffed with a healthy tuna mixture, served chilled. This is delicious, quick and healthy for your nutrition needs.

Grilled Jerk Rubbed Whole Fish with Hot Vinegar

Grilled Jerk Rubbed Whole Fish with Hot Vinegar– Firm, fresh fish (such as red snapper) in the round and grilled with this homemade jerk seasoning mixture and topped with vinegary Escovitch sauce!

Fish, Pepper and Lemon Kabobs

Baked fish fillets seasoned with healthy ingredients to succulent perfection, marinated and grilled with fresh vegetables to round out this delicious meal, kabob-style.