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Mini Mushroom Quiches

Mini Mushroom Quiches-Quiches with a mushroom twist

Fried Quinoa

Delicious and Healthy Quinoa!

Very Veggie Kabobs

Veggie Kabobs-The healthiest snack you will ever eat  sprinkled with Renata’s Balsamic Dressing

Cauliflower Purée

If you miss mashed potatoes, this recipe is for you. Cauliflower purée tastes better and it’s NOT a carbohydrate. You can enjoy this as a side dish or as a thick soup.

Renata’s Balsamic Dressing

Renata’s Balsamic Dressing-A fabulous accompaniment to any healthy dish. An everyday use, homemade dressing you must-have!

Cool Cucumber Salad

Cool Cucumber Salad-This fresh cucumber salad is compete with lemony cilantro dressing to please your taste buds.

Asparagus Pepper Salad

Asparagus Pepper Salad-Enjoy this effortless recipe and combine with one of our dressings for a pleased palate

Veggie Scampi

Veggie Scampi-Easy-to-make, delicious, and healthy veggies. What more could you want?

Lori’s Smart Creamed Spinach

Lori’s Smart Creamed Spinach-Creamed vegetable goodness for a salty and zesty snack