Ruth Weight Loss Testimonial

Ruth Weight Loss Testimonial

Lost 44 pounds in 12 weeks!

Ruth Weight Loss Testimonial

Ruth Weight Loss Testimonial

“I’m so happy! I’m loving my new life!”

Ruth had actually heard about the Smart for Life® Weight Management program a year before she signed up. “I thought ‘Yea right, cookies…how could that be?’” Ruth comments.

“After having two kids, a busy family and lifestyle, Ruth had become very frustrated because, of course, Mom gets put to the bottom of the list.

One evening, her husband came home excited to share the stories of several co-workers who had been successful on the program. He was amazed at the amount of weight they had lost. That helped to encourage Ruth to find out more.

“I visited the Wellington Center weighing 151 pounds and was very unhappy. That was the day I made an honest commitment to do the program.”

Having tried every diet out there including diet pills, starvation, living at the gym, and taking laxatives and suppositories, Ruth knew there were unhealthy and dangerous alternatives out there. That’s why she was so pleased to hear that the Smart for Life® program was not only quick and easy, but uses healthy, natural ingredients in their cookies and other foods.

In 3½ short months, Ruth was able to shed 42 pounds and go from a size 11/12 to a size 2. “I have so much energy and zest! I’m always smiling and people that haven’t seen me in a while can’t believe it’s me. I feel like doing cartwheels all the time! I’m happy to share my weight loss testimonial with you now.”

Ruth has recommended Smart for Life® to everyone she sees who wants to lose weight. “From Boca to Tampa, I tell them how it’s an extremely easy program to follow. If I could do it, trust me, anybody can do it!” says Ruth. “Best of luck to all!”

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