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Eat Cookies and Lose Weight Dr. Sass Says It’s True

Eat Cookies and Lose Weight!

eat cookies lose weightDr. Sass spoke about how you can eat cookies and lose weight, the Smart for Life program and highlighted how the cookies and protein bars work to suppress your appetite and help you lose weight. He also mentioned that there are three weight loss centers in the Los Angeles area including one in Beverly Hills. He urged viewers to check out to learn more about the program. Additionally, Smart for Life weight loss success story, Shirley Caddell accompanied Dr. Sass and shared experience using Smart for Life and shared how anyone can eat cookies and lose weight.

Eat Cookies Lose Weight KCAL9

Smart For Life Is All The Buzz In LA

Smart For Life Featured On LA Radio Station

Buzz Park of CBS Radio-KFWB News 980 and Smart for Life™ Weight Management Centers, Smart for life cookieteam up to create a “BUZZ” In LA.

Brian “Buzz” Park, Account Executive with KFWB Radio, has created a lot of excitement by losing weight and letting all of LA know about it with commercials on the radio. He is spilling his guts everyday with live commercials and a web BLOG on

Buzz Park, as he is known, has struggled to lose weight since his days as a Navy Pilot. “I flew Seahawk helicopters for seven years with two deployments in the Persian Gulf. I have always had to struggle with my weight, coming from a family of overweight people. The disciplines and regimented schedule as a Naval Aviator kept me in shape. However, with my hectic career and my family with three active kids, I was not able to workout as much, and my weight has crept up to an unhealthy 300 pounds,” Buzz confides.

How The Smart For Life Diet Compares

Buzz tried several popular diets, and had been on a nationally advertised diet for about three months prior to discovering the Smart for Life™ Weight Management program. “I lost some weight on those diets, but got tired of all the food preparation and “TV Dinner” quality of the entrees. None of the other programs could offer me the quick results I was looking for, nor did they prepare me for the proper eating habits, that were the real root of my problems,” said Buzz. Discouraged with the other weight loss options, he almost gave up and resolved himself to always being overweight.

Although, initially skeptical that you could lose weight eating cookies, the Smart for Life™ Program soon turned Buzz into a believer. “I like the fact that the program is medically supervised and offers a thorough physical examination by a physician, with a metabolism profile, and one-on-one counselor supervision,” said Buzz.

Eating the six Smart Cookies™ each day, that are made from natural, organic ingredients and a low fat, high protein dinner in the evening kept Buzz hunger-free, and helped convince him to stick to the program. During his first 3 weeks on the Smart for Life™ Weight Management Program, Buzz lost as much weight as he had reached on his previous diet. Since being on Smart for Life™, Buzz has lost over 33 pounds in 6 weeks, and is well on his way of reaching his goal weight of 220 lbs.

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