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If You Aren’t Feeding Your Kids Healthy, Whole Foods, Is Anyone?

It’s Time To Eat More Healthy, Whole Foods

I recently watched an amazingly eye-opening video, featuring Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution on healthy, whole foods.  Jamie’s a 34 year old, average citizen and chef from Essex, England, who has a not-so-average take on where we need to focus our attention, immediately.  Jamie’s message is simple and to the point: Teach our children about food.  It’s an all-out assault on our ignorance of food.  Our kids are going to live a shorter life span than us, by about ten years, if we don’t teach them how to shop for, prepare and eat real food.  The processed food and fast food that is the bulk of so many diets today is literally killing us.  Diet-related diseases are the biggest killers in the U.S. and two-thirds of our population is obese.  Those of us who are older are probably better off since these dangerous “pseudo foods” weren’t around or as prevalent when we were growing up, but think of the youth of today.  If we aren’t cooking in our homes, where are our kids going to learn about real food?  Jamie visited an elementary school classroom and showed them various fresh vegetables in their “whole state”.  Cauliflower, potato, beet, tomato, eggplant; the children could not identify any of them.

Healthy, Whole Foods Should Be The Standard In Daily Eating

healthy, whole foods kidsJamie’s been working on this revolution for seven years and believes the United States, as a leader, needs to take the wheel so the rest of the world will follow.  That’s why he came here and began in West Virginia, where obesity and related fatalities are so high.  He talked with families, teaching them how to teach others.  He has made himself available to the lunch ladies, convinced that the limited budgets can be creatively adjusted to provide healthy meals to the school-aged children.  Jamie is calling out for all of us to make the change for our own families and then spread the word, the recipes, and the information on healthy, whole foods that will change the health of our society, in general.

Being on the leading edge of change isn’t usually a comfortable place to be…but it’s the only place to be if you really want to make a difference.  Stepping out from the crowd is the way it’s always been done.  More so than ever before; it’s time to step up!

Jamie Oliver is one of a small army of concerned individuals who are carving out their own perfect way to make a difference.  As he so aptly points out in this video, if those of us who have valuable pieces of information to contribute, each get involved on a small grass roots level, the change will happen quickly.  As we share information with a few, who share with a few, the knowledge travels easily and effortlessly, like the ripples in a pond; reaching an ever-widening circle as we move forward as a healthier town, nation and world.

Do yourself, your family and your friends a favor by watching and sharing this video post.

To your health and happiness, -Dr. Sass. Eat healthy, whole foods for a healthier life you deserve. Get started with our healthy diet plans today!

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Spoiling Your Grandkids Is Normal But Please Keep It Healthy!

Spoil The Grandkids, But Keep It Healthy

keep it healthyJunk food is now everywhere on our planet.  High in calories but low in nutritional value, junk food is available in the most unlikely places:  museums, cruise ships, city parks, and school hallway vending machines.  It is inescapable in grocery stores and fast-food restaurants.

In all children 12-18 years old, critical growth, bond building and amassing of nutrients such as calcium are taking place.  Your grandchild’s body will never be as efficient at performing those functions to ensure a healthy future as it is while they are teens.  Eating large amounts of junk food has far-reaching consequences.  Here are just a few:

-Teens have greater access to junk food and more control over how they spend money than your younger grandchildren.  Teens who fill up on empty calories will have less appetite for a nutritious main meal, and it’s unlikely they are taking in all the nutrients necessary for growth and development.  Key nutrients such as calcium from dairy and protein from meats help bones and muscles strengthen and grow.
-Teens who don’t consume enough of the needed nutrients tend to feel fatigued and can’t keep it healthy.  This can lead to poor concentration and test performance.  Instead, encourage them to eat “brain foods” such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables and dairy foods that are rich in vitamin D and calcium.
-Weight gain is a consequence of regularly consuming high-fat, high-sugar and high-calorie junk food.  Kids who become overweight or obese during adolescence are likely to maintain an unhealthy weight as adults, with associated healthy consequences that include heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, poor self-esteem and even cancer.  By encouraging healthy food choices during your grandchild’s teenage years, you can give them a higher chance of a healthy adult life.

Tips To Keep It Healthy

Tips to help your teen grandchild eat more healthfully:

  1. If you must have fast-food, choose a fast-food restaurant that offers healthier choices.  And no matter where you are, opt for food and beverages that are high in nutrients.  Avoid sweetened beverages and fried foods.  Good choices include: freshly squeezed orange juice, whole-wheat bagel, bean burrito, pizza topped with veggies, grilled chicken sandwich on a whole grain bun.
  2. Look for products low in sugar, high fructose corn syrup, refined grains and partially hydrogenated oils.  Choose a 100 percent whole-wheat cracker made with canola oil, for example or snack on a cheeses and fruit plate instead of a bowl of cheese puffs.
  3. Limit TV viewing when the grandkids visit.  Certain shows seem to attract more junk food commercials than others, so you might want to discourage your grandkids from watching these shows.
  4. Smart for Life has a terrific Kid’s Program that makes it easier and convenient to keep it healthy and delicious tasting snacks!

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Dr. Sass Featured On Mom Blog Rich Mama Secrets

Rich Mama Secrets

Our own Dr. Sass was just featured on the biggest mom blog “Rich Mama Secrets”, and they asked him if it was okay to put a tween on a diet. Share with your friends and share your comments with us about it.
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Dr. Sass Featured In March-April 2010 Parade’s Healthy Style

We are pleased to share that Dr. Sass is featured in the March / April 2010 issue of Parade’s Healthy Style Magazine.

Free Download – Healthy Style April 2010

Healthy Style April 2010

Cookies Lower Cholesterol and Shed Pounds

By Sasson Moulavi - October 16, 2007

Cookies Lower Cholesterol, It’s True!

cookies lower cholesterolBariatric physician and cardiologist team up to help people lower cholesterol and lose weight with the Smart for Life famous cookie.

Since Smart for Life Weight Management Centers launched the heart-healthy cookie, Dr. Sasson Moulavi, M.D. and Dr. Floyd Cohen, M.D. have seen dramatic results when people eat these cookies and lose weight.

“My cholesterol has never been lower,” E.C., a Smart for Life™ client raves. “I am amazed!”

Dr. Moulavi, a Bariatric Physician, explains, “I have seen clients receive better results with our lifestyle changes and Smart for Life™ cookies than relying on medication alone.”

Dr. Cohen adds, “The cookies lower cholesterol and train clients to eat multiple meals a day which improve cholesterol and cardiac risk factors.”

For over five years, clients have been using food as medicine on the Smart for program. Developed by a physician, this program incorporates food created with both weight loss and improved health and wellness in mind.

The company began researching enhancements to its Smart Food product line which led them to specific ingredients featuring cholesterol-lowering effects of a specially formulated food containing both soluble fiber and plant sterols.

How Do The SmartforLife® Cookies Lower Cholesterol?

Translating this enhancement into their Smart Foods, the company now offers reformulated Smart for Life™ cookies that will include this incredibly healthy and unique flax meal/fish oil blend to provide the most beneficial products to clients. This blend provides a full complement of Omega-3 fatty acids (280 mg and 9.9 mg EPA and DHA). Besides the added health benefits, the taste is incredible! And all Smart for Life baked goods are made without trans-fats and no genetically modified organisms.

Dr. Cohen, a well-respected cardiologist with many years of experience, is the Medical Director of the Smart for Life™ in. He is very excited to treat patients not just with medicine but with food also.

“I really feel that I am able to offer my clients a simple and effective solution both for their weight and cardiac risk factors. My clients are able to get off medication and look and feel better about themselves,” Dr. Cohen explains.

“As a cardiologist, it is exciting to be involved in a company that is focused on innovative, healthy Smart Foods that enrich clients’ lives and improve their weight loss efforts and overall wellness,” Dr. Cohen proudly states.

The revolutionary Smart for Life™ Weight Management Program is a science-based program for safe, rapid weight-loss. The one-on-one physician supervised weight-loss program empowers clients with the knowledge, guidance, and motivation they need to lose weight. The experienced medical staff monitors and encourages the client’s progress until the goal weight is achieved, and then follows the client on a long-term maintenance plan. Smart for Life™ physicians address metabolic and health-related problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and under active thyroid. The combination of Smart Foods and professional supervision enables the Smart for Life™ client to safely and quickly lose up to 12 to 15 pounds a month*.

Smart for Life™ Weight Management Centers, the Franchisor with corporate headquarters in Boca Raton, is an international franchise company with over 40 locations . The company has helped hundreds of thousands of people make positive changes in their lives by helping them reach and maintain their weight loss goals.

* Results may vary.