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If You Aren’t Feeding Your Kids Healthy, Whole Foods, Is Anyone?

It’s Time To Eat More Healthy, Whole Foods

I recently watched an amazingly eye-opening video, featuring Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution on healthy, whole foods.  Jamie’s a 34 year old, average citizen and chef from Essex, England, who has a not-so-average take on where we need to focus our attention, immediately.  Jamie’s message is simple and to the point: Teach our children about food.  It’s an all-out assault on our ignorance of food.  Our kids are going to live a shorter life span than us, by about ten years, if we don’t teach them how to shop for, prepare and eat real food.  The processed food and fast food that is the bulk of so many diets today is literally killing us.  Diet-related diseases are the biggest killers in the U.S. and two-thirds of our population is obese.  Those of us who are older are probably better off since these dangerous “pseudo foods” weren’t around or as prevalent when we were growing up, but think of the youth of today.  If we aren’t cooking in our homes, where are our kids going to learn about real food?  Jamie visited an elementary school classroom and showed them various fresh vegetables in their “whole state”.  Cauliflower, potato, beet, tomato, eggplant; the children could not identify any of them.

Healthy, Whole Foods Should Be The Standard In Daily Eating

healthy, whole foods kidsJamie’s been working on this revolution for seven years and believes the United States, as a leader, needs to take the wheel so the rest of the world will follow.  That’s why he came here and began in West Virginia, where obesity and related fatalities are so high.  He talked with families, teaching them how to teach others.  He has made himself available to the lunch ladies, convinced that the limited budgets can be creatively adjusted to provide healthy meals to the school-aged children.  Jamie is calling out for all of us to make the change for our own families and then spread the word, the recipes, and the information on healthy, whole foods that will change the health of our society, in general.

Being on the leading edge of change isn’t usually a comfortable place to be…but it’s the only place to be if you really want to make a difference.  Stepping out from the crowd is the way it’s always been done.  More so than ever before; it’s time to step up!

Jamie Oliver is one of a small army of concerned individuals who are carving out their own perfect way to make a difference.  As he so aptly points out in this video, if those of us who have valuable pieces of information to contribute, each get involved on a small grass roots level, the change will happen quickly.  As we share information with a few, who share with a few, the knowledge travels easily and effortlessly, like the ripples in a pond; reaching an ever-widening circle as we move forward as a healthier town, nation and world.

Do yourself, your family and your friends a favor by watching and sharing this video post.

To your health and happiness, -Dr. Sass. Eat healthy, whole foods for a healthier life you deserve. Get started with our healthy diet plans today!

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Energy Drinks Affecting Waistline of America’s Youth

By Sasson Moulavi - November 30, 2006

Smart for Life™ Weight Management Centers Educate Against Childhood Obesity

Smart for Life™ Weight Management Centers warns parents against giving high-sugar energy drinks to children as these supercharged drinks are adding extra pounds to the continually growing obesity rate among children and adolescents in the United States.


Dr. Sasson Moulavi, Chief Medical Director of the Boca Raton based weight loss company explains, “The number of overweight children coming to our centers continue to grow. When I review the child’s current diet, I am finding an alarming trend – energy drinks. Not only are these drinks loaded with extra caffeine, which is not healthy for children, but also packed with empty calories.” With more than 500 different drinks on the market, the 3.4 billion dollar energy drink industry is willing and able to target young people with a barrage of marketing messages which includes using these drinks as a weight loss tool. This message can be misleading as just two cans can contain as much as 14 teaspoons of sugar.

Other Health Issues From Energy Drinks

In addition to gaining excess pounds, continual use of these drinks can lead to other health issues such as diabetes. Dr. Moulavi warns, “Parents, teachers and public officials should be aware of this growing, and very dangerous trend among our young people. Many current and future health related issues can be avoided if we teach our children to make healthy choices now, such as reaching for bottled water and not energy drinks.“

Smart for Life™ Weight Management Centers specialize in medically supervised weight loss programs and have locations throughout the United States and Canada with centers in cities as Boca Raton, FL; Beverly Hills, CA; New York, NY; Rochester Hills, MI; and Boston, MA. The Smart for Life™ Weight Management program helps clients make positive changes in their lives by helping them reach and maintain their weight loss goals.

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