Weigh Yourself Weekly

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Weighing yourself on a regular basis is the only way for you to monitor your weight and identify small increases. Every week you should weigh yourself on a scale that you trust. Be sure to weigh yourself in the morning and preferably without any clothing. Remember – waiting for your clothes not to fit is waiting too long.

If you find that your weight has increased a few pounds:

1. Exercise more
2. Reduce your caloric intake
3. Follow the Smart for Life® program for a few days (take out those cookies that you
have stored in the freezer)

Place your alarm weight where you will see it daily, such as on your bathroom scale or mirror. If you’re like most people, you may end up gaining back some of the weight as time passes. Don’t feel discouraged; that’s very normal. If you reach your alarm weight, don’t hesitate to return to the program. Just as you would see your asthma doctor if you had an asthma attack; you should come see your bariatric doctor when you gain weight. Please note: it’s not unusual for clients to return to us once year to lose 5 to 7 pounds.

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