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Weight Loss Program By Smart for Life® Cookie Diet

The Healthy Way To Put Hunger On Hold® – Get with our weight loss program and watch the pounds melt away.

weight loss programOK, here’s the real nitty gritty to our diet program. The nuts and bolts. This is how and why it works for all you detail oriented people who need to know.

This diet program is medically sound and you are checked out thoroughly by one of our doctors before you ever begin. This strategy helps determine if there is any metabolic or hormonal condition that has prevented you from losing weight so far. (To identify your syndrome, see our Diet Personality page.)

25% of people have these conditions and never know it until we identify it for them. If you have such a condition, we treat it at no extra charge as part of our diet program. You also receive all the vitamins and supplements you need to make weight loss quick and easy, by keeping you healthy and happy in the process.

In addition, on your first doctor visit for the weight loss program, you will get a complete physical, consultation on your medical history, Body Composition Analysis, appropriate lab tests, complete blood work, and an electrocardiogram. Now that’s thorough! You’ll know more about your body than you ever did before starting any other diet program, that’s for sure.

SMART FOR LIFE DIET WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM Your Weight Loss Program Continues With Our Diet Foods

The Smart for Life diet program features the use of our unique Smart Diet Products. They come as Smart Cookie squares, muffins, shakes, soups and desserts. What we’re most famous for is our natural Smart Cookie square with up to 60% organic ingredients. The Diet Cookie is scientifically formulated to be a perfect balance of fiber, protein and amino acids – with absolutely no drugs or toxic preservatives. It’s a miracle in itself. You won’t believe how well it works until you try it yourself. And it tastes great, with three different delicious flavors.

Best of all, by eating six squares a day – one every two or three hours – along with a balanced meal, like chicken and vegetables, you’ll be losing up to 3-4 pounds a week, and up to 12-15 pounds a month*. Those are real results! And our weight loss program just keeps on working.

Still, as good as the Smart Cookie squares are, we understand that most people need variety. That’s why we’ve also developed our muffins, shakes, soups and desserts. (For a complete description of all our diet foods, see the Diet Products page.


Our diet program re-programs you. At your very first visit, you start using our powerful behavioral modification system and learning tools. During your first visit and your first physician visit, you receive:

  • Complete Blood Work-up
  • EKG – Electrocardiogram
  • BMI – Body Mass Index Reading
  • Educational Audio and Video
  • Diet Program Handbook Review
  • Review of Client History
  • Physical Exam
  • Setting of Goals
  • Discussion of Diet Program Vitamins and Supplements
  • Smart Injection of Vitamins (at select locations) if needed.

From then on, our center staff charts and monitors your weight and progress each week until you achieve your goal weight. Which you will achieve!!

The second phase of our diet program begins after you reach your goal. Phase 2 is your new Smart Healthy Lifestyle. By this time, you have learned to eat several small meals during the daytime, to eat only when hungry, to exercise appropriately, and to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Our staff continues to work with you however long you need to be sure you can keep your weight under control for Life.

Our name isn’t just a gimmick. It tells you what we do. You’re going to become a different person, a smarter person – in more ways than one. On our Diet Program you’re going to learn to eat for your overall health, nutrition and well-being. You’re going to break the slavery to bad food habits. You’re going to become disciplined and sensible in your lifestyle. Thanks to our weight loss program you’re going to look and feel better than ever! For proof, see our Success Stories page.

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*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. See our success stories for examples.

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