Why Smart for Life Works

SmartforLife ClientsSmart for Life® is designed to work with your body’s natural ability to lose weight.

Your body can shed fat only under a very strict set of circumstances.  Our Smart for Life® foods and program design will create these necessary conditions.

Specifically, these conditions include a correct protein to sugar ratio in the food you eat, a low Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load as well as multiple small meals throughout the day that deliver specific amounts of protein, super fibers and complex carbs to suppress hunger, keep sugar and insulin low and trigger the body’s release of the fat releasing hormone called Glucagon.


Why is Smart for Life® so easy?

You have no preparation.  All the thinking and scientific research have been done by our expert team and is included in our products.  When you eat a cookie for breakfast you are actually eating a small amount of egg white, milk protein, long and short change amino acids, complex super fiber, flaxseed, fish oil, bran, oats, and more.  The cookies are minimally processed and mostly organic, made without preservatives or food coloring.  Turn to your Smart for Life meal replacing product and eat every couple of hours.   No measuring, no preparation, no weighing and it’s less expensive than what you’re currently spending on food.  Now you have only one meal to plan and prepare each day, making sure you get your dinner and/or lunch protein and servings of vegetables, without exception.

Why is Smart for Life® good for you?

As a weight loss doctor I can tell you that I have had many clients tell me how much better they feel when they eat our foods and lose weight. Our unique program is designed so that people can have more energy, less inflammation, sleep better, have less reflux, better sex drive and more.* This is not magic.  It’s what happens when you consume cleaner food without pesticides and chemicals, eat less, and lose weight. Get started today and we are here to help you reach your goals!

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