About Us

Our Story

Smart for Life® was founded by Doctor Sasson Moulavi in 2002. Doctor Moulavi (commonly known as Dr. Sass) is a Board Certified Bariatric Physician who began his medical career working as an Emergency Room Doctor in Canada.

Constantly working long hours, Dr. Sass began to put on weight himself. After experiencing obesity first-hand, he vowed to recover from this chronic disease and provide long-term solutions for his patients. He made the switch from helping patients who needed immediate attention in the ER, to proactively helping patients live healthier lives to prevent them from going to the ER.

Today, Dr. Sass is a husband, father, avid kite surfer, and actively seeking new and innovative ways to help his patients.

Our Team

Thanks to you, our customers and Smart for Lifers, we were able to grow from a small, family run business to a company that now provides jobs to about 100 employees including bakers, doctors, a marketing and sales team, graphic designers, videographers, warehouse managers, and a full production and fulfillment team.

Our head chef and quality control expert, Manfred, is an award winning baker and specialist in nutrition who ensures that every product we create tastes impeccable. Our Director of Operations, Margot, ensures that our facility is held to the highest standards of cleanliness and manufacturing practice.

We were awarded South Florida Manufacturer of the Year thanks to her help and hard work. All of our team members are creative, hard working and share a common interest to ensure our customers satisfaction in every step of purchasing from us, from taste to customer service.

Smart Benefits

Doctor Designed

Scientifically formulated to have the perfect nutritional balance for optimal health.

Save Time & Money

Don't waste time cooking or waste money ordering food.

No Food Waste

With Smart for Life it's easy to count how many meal replacements you have.


There's no need to calorie count or measure out portions— just grab and go!